drawing | time travel, and world, and space, and universe

what better ending to a year chock full of experiences than by {time} traveling? when you come to think of it, we are on a constant trip, be it street walking, online adventures, world kitchen, or an actual holiday destination, naturally.

for some reason, i felt being lifted up in space this week. tintin burst to mind, and i let him take me on his rocket-of-thoughts. miss herzfrisch has taken upon herself this week's drawing challenge; check out her gathering. 


have a wonderful season everyone, whichever one it is you are feeling in your part of the wide, wild world. i'm chancing on a few fluffy clouds in those unlimited skies, a handsome tree in the distance to distraction, and a free fall back to earth by august. 
flaming nora, here we go! 



  1. Dear Nadine, Love your painting and you photos...Enjoy the long (and hopefully)sunny days!

  2. funny how these trees keep turning up! LOVE the new drawings of your time traveling and of the new woolf! xo!

  3. yes, we are always traveling this life
    fun to read your thoughts and see your art, i find it interesting to see everyone's take on a word or words...

    I would enjoy if you stop by my blog Monday for my post for hosting DC next week. It would be lovely to have you join us!

  4. travel ... my favourite thing after a box full of puppies

  5. someday I'll travel with this wonderful spaceship through time and space and I think I'll stop in belgium for some sunny days...
    have a great and funny summer, dear woolfie!!

  6. Ah, enjoy the world and have a full summer! See you in August....

  7. have a lovely holiday dear Nadine
    love xoxoxo

  8. Love the eye in the rocket and the back part looks like a pair of pudgy legs and feet! Got a chuckle out of 'street walking'---it means something totally different here ---goes along with the expression 'ladies of the night'.
    Come visit--I'm featuring our soon-to-home!

  9. A fabulous time-space-travel.. and the rocket is wonderful! Leena

  10. ;^)))
    beautiful rocket
    i hope you will have a fine travel
    in which you can time travel laer on

    Patrice A.

  11. Summer days perfect for time travel and being in space!
    I love your drawings that express it so perfectly, and you there as a rocket, yes, I can sense your movement n♥。
    Meet you there!!


  12. You can come to Australia anytime Miss Woolf I cant imagine what the neighbours would think when your rocket landed in the backyard but we would have fun oh yes we would.

    Enjoy your wonderful summer sun

    Helen x

  13. Wow, great through time and space rocket, wish you a wonderful summer season...let it rock;-)♥Kerstin

  14. Awesome! Nadine
    Love that energy and just getting out there!!...where ever there is ;)

  15. I always loved the tintin rocket the most and your artwork is awesome I love every tiny inch of it! Yes you're so damn right, we're timetravelers all the time, in our mind, in our dreams yes and sometimes for REAL, haha - this time I come and get ya!
    soo you sooooonnnnn!
    Love BarbaraBee

  16. I just adore your tree-through-the-peephole image. Fabulous, n.

  17. I've been a horrible friend! I don't know a thing from you maybe since last november maybe? or even before...
    I guess your beautiful new house must be finished by now, I've taken a look at your earlier posts and saw a great studio!
    I'm back, don't know for how long, but I am. And I missed you.
    Big kisses and love my dear Nadine!
    I have to tell you LOTS of things, and I'm sure you do too!

  18. Hello friend..have missed visiting your realm! Gorgeous photo of the globe.. and beautiful art...and I love this fantastical theme of course..pure magic! Wishing you a beautiful season..hope all is sparkling bright in your world!

  19. have a wonderful time nadine!! have lots to tell you! missing your view on life. :)
    big kusjes!

  20. i agree with you, we are constantly traveling. x

  21. One of my favorite things to do...time travel!

  22. hi N,sweet n!♥
    I have travelled around and back
    now here, thanks for your comment and I don`t know why you can`t comment on my bloggy blog!!
    Maybe as you commented on my blog on fb, i will complete the circle and comment reply to yours back on blog...
    and perhaps now it will work again???! You know sometimes we need to do that travel thru space to fix things that go a little aura!!
    Love hearing from you anywhere on the virtual planet,
    thank you for watching the `matsuri` video(s?!)
    xoJ ♡