corner view ≈ sights | places of interest | off the beaten track

when i go traveling, i check out sights beforehand 
{both online and analog} 
and enjoy the anticipation of starting off. 
{francesca, below is FOR YOU!}

next i indulge myself in the prospect of taking a road less traveled, checking out a nook or cranny, chatting up a local, using all of my senses.... until i'm well and truly lost.

i do that each and every time.

when you allow yourself the time to get lost, you find treasures

and you sample eye candy for future reference. yumm!
jane's corner view, francesca's hosting, tanïa's theme.
{all images, venezia 2013}


  1. A nice message for Francesca and CV members! Have a beautiful day.

  2. "..when you allow yourself the time to get lost, you find treasures.."


  3. What a lovely message in your Corner View this week Nadine :-) I should allow myself more time to get lost I think! And those cannoli Siciliani looked absolutely divine!!

  4. Wonderful photos dear Nadine, I like how they're all go together especially the birdies yellow and cats background and I like to travel the same way!
    See you soon,

  5. Lovely! And those cannoli.....Yum!!!

  6. OH, how I love to travel as you do! And the cannoli siciliani in Venezia, are a quite good example of travelling in a place to find a whole world!

  7. I have never seen or eat Sicilian Canolli .... I wonder what it tastes like.....

  8. very fun! Totally NOT the expected proforma view of Venice!!! So... seems like Francesca has broken a heart over in Venice - hehe

    Menthe Blanche.... ehehe... I can't believe you just said that heheheheheeeee! or is it just my mind that's dirty??

  9. mille grazie per queste photos bellissimis dalla serenissima venezia!

  10. Getting lost is the thing to discover...
    Lovely discoveries

  11. I loved discovering your city with you ... I never would have found that street market otherwise!

    I never read the guide books when I travel, or sometimes I peek while on the airplane or after I've been there a few days. My favorite discoveries are the side streets, alleyways and alcoves, too :)

  12. Dearest Nadeschda,
    your words could have come straight from my heart!
    Love to get lost. Find myself in a bird, or cat, a flower a wall a piece of... something.

    xo Ariane.

  13. You obviously have an eye and feeling to find treasures!
    It seems as if the little bird told you to follow him and watch the city through his eyes. And the cat looks so serious and wise...what do we know about creature's thoughts?
    I love to get lost in foreign places and let me be surprised by coincidence.
    And I love to be guided by your pictures and thoughts. Always a great pleasure!

    But now did that graffito, didn't you? Postcard-substitute, no? C'mon...! ;o)))

  14. Let's go travelling, being lost...........

  15. I love getting lost, but can only do this when I have no children. I once made the mistake of not knowing the ferry across to NJ from New York stopped running at 7 p.m. and had the kids totally freaked out because it was hard to get a taxi driver to go across with the number of people in our party. It all worked out in the end, but my oldest still remembers it and now has bad memories of our trip to New York City.

  16. isn't that the most beautiful graffiti ever? :)

  17. I love that you found `Francesca`!
    And that wonderful yellow bird, she goes so well with a travellling woolf!!
    Happy adventures to you n♥

  18. I love the look on the cats face...he's all business! Heidi

  19. allow yourself the time to get lost, you find treasures...i just love that sentence and i always enjoy when you show us these treasures, i hope you find time to get lost once more very soon ;) xx

  20. i love the part of getting lost, i usually do that..
    me and my camera on a wild adventure!
    happiness! enjoy your adventures!

  21. Oh how i LOVE ITaly! thank you for taking me back. getting lost, Harriet the Spy...yes! Adventure, wonder, discovery...I love all of that about you!
    thanks for the sweet msg.
    xo! Buon Viaggio!

  22. once again really wonderful pictures, dear Nadine!
    Bise de Paris!