drawing | key & hole

i've been meaning to draw a pub sign, because of its appealing design. even more appealing are {silly} pub names. so i mused upon this week's theme, as i saw a key and hole rising. now for some beer ☻ and keys and holes at renilde's.


  1. I always love the english names pubs!
    i just to go to the duke of wellington, matlock...but that is a long long time ago!

    ps, i did not know that the english name for gent is ghent! ;-)

  2. NADINE!
    this is so you
    you make me happy and smile
    a great pub sign
    but that little note
    THE best! haha!!

    Patrice A.

    and the sun is out, olé
    the promise of a beautiful day

  3. haha, very good! hope to spend some time once with you at your pub... x Stefanie

  4. it would be a fun pub for sure!
    i imagine falling into the keyhole too, like an alice adventure!

    happy drawing days!

  5. haha, you made me laugh! that's really funny! And at the same time a love your sign, really well done! I can imagine it hanging in england in front of a pub, fits perfect!

  6. Our Pubs don't have those funny names, oh ang on, there's a few - The Pig and Whistle springs to mind, but on the whole they're pretty boring. I am (and this is embarrassing to admit) a little bit addicted to British crime shows. At the moment it's Dalziel and Pascoe and Inspector George Gently - lots of great Pub names in those.

    p.s in reply to your note, it's a "front" I'll be in touch soon x

  7. cool theme!
    I wonder did you come with the saying on the side or was it also at the pub?!

  8. bravo! drawing accomplished! and a lovely one it is too. love a good pub sign....love a good pub even better! (some of my favorite pub names (and i've been in a few: the slug and lettuce, the swan in the rushes......ye olde trippe to jerusalem........)esp in good company. xo

  9. Nice one+ cool note :-)

    Wonderful header!

  10. gorgeous!!!

    I saw this wondering what you would do..... and here it is in all its glory. Im thinking its my favourite of mine of your work and thats pretty hard to do since I love all of your work.

    Have a wonderful week Miss Woolfie that email is acoming.....Ill put my nose to the grindstone this week.

    Helen x

  11. Hi Nadine,

    Amazing pub sign!!! all your artwork is wonderful !!!

    Have a nice day :)

  12. I do so love good signage, Nadine, and your drawing is wonderful. I would definitely stop in for a sip at this pub (root beer only, please).
    love and a happy week to you, sus

  13. what a great name for a pub! Your sign is wonderful, I love your letters - wonderfully done!

  14. pub names aRe the best names. and this one .... especially.
    colouRs, letteRs, all of it so gReat.
    thanks. käthe.

  15. Dear lovely Nadine, I had to laugh over the silly names and especially couldn't stop at "The Drunken Duck" oh gee! So I hope one windy or perhaps sunny day we will sit together in the "Silly Drunken Duck" or whatever, makes me grin!
    Your drawings and else are unique and funny as always and I can't wait to find out all uncanny similarities and differences!
    Schoolholidays here starts 21.6. and weatherpermitting we will start to head somewhere...
    Now that you saw my little fury friend, she's a real cutie and I hope thats not to scary anymore...
    Love + hugs

  16. pub signs, they are great things, funny and often also very nice to look at.
    yours is both and more...because you made it :)
    in the UK they have a tradition of pub signs, here in belgium the older pubs have names like 'onder de toren, de reisduif, de ware vrienden etc.' yet they make me smile too.
    thanks for playing , xx

  17. Haha, great :-) I want to have a beer in your pub! Love it!!!
    Meike ♥

  18. very cool :o)

    it could be a mysterious pub from the novel 'harry potter'.

    tatjana ♥

  19. Maybe a new calling, pub owner, brewer, and sign maker!
    I'd like to drink a beer in your pub. xo Carole

  20. Great name for a pub, I congratulate you for the good idea!

  21. where is this pub! I want to have a drink with you and the wolf!
    w o n d e r f u l !!

  22. Dear Nadeschda,
    a pub with that sign would attracted me... like a key I would disappear...
    Great, Dear!

    May I invite you to the next dc? I am your hostess :)

    xo Ariane.

  23. the shield shape is very suited to a pub - though i haven't been to a pub in decades, and perhaps they've changed since then.

  24. Truly, this pub sign is great. In my dreams, I will watch for this sign, when I'm travelling, and if I see it, I'll pop in and have a brew! N, xo

  25. Haha, Nadine, I nearly fell off my chair when I saw this post!
    You know why? There IS a pub called "Schlüsselloch" (=keyhole) here in Aachen!
    Haha! I didn't think of it during the challenge, but now!
    Okay, you're invited!! :oD