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i've been mind mapping, and i've been planning accordingly. and then... time. ran. out. i pulled up a few pages from my sketch books I and II to build up a certain accord to the flower head i'm showing off. 

i've forgotten what flower it is i drew last september, as an hommage to a collapsing summer. i thought of the flower, because of the burst of colour. and also because our dear rose is collecting.


  1. Looks like a poppy ... pretty poppy :)

  2. Wow! Love that colour! it's so strong and just woooow! love it!

  3. gorgeous pages,
    gorgeous pink!

  4. How cool! I love the single long strands that curl out from the flower and all your feathery marks. You are quite talented, friend.

    I think you might like seeing my post on how I ended up in this house and a photo log of it. I posted it in response to questions I got. It's there now. ♥b

  5. loving the scribbles in your sketch books
    and that flower, wauw.... that color!
    it is perfect for our sweet Rose Ariane

    enjoy the sun
    and the weekend!
    Patrice A.

  6. I would frame these.....love them and your corner view!

  7. Gorgeous... I love this flower and all the colors you used :)

  8. I love the flower, such vibrant color and yet sensitive! x Leena ps. I have been mind mapping, too:)

  9. so many lovely lines and colors ~

  10. wonderful all the same and is always a pleasure to see work from your journals :))

    Hope you are having a fab weekend

    Helen x

  11. i like the insigh into youR sketch books. the lines. the patteRns. the colouRs.
    and wow! the floweR. bRight and beautiful.
    love. käthe.

  12. love the flower
    the way you keep "a diary" of moods and colours
    the way you can return to those

    a good way to keep a mood ;)

  13. beth says it for me. this is gorgeous and so mystical! is that really a tree in the middle? LOVE it! xo

  14. OH I love this!! the color is a knockout! and am intrigued by the sketches too- so expressive!

  15. you know how i love anything floral, especially when is big and bright: beautiful!

  16. Boom! A beautiful burst of lively color!

  17. Wow!
    In the first I see a restless, yet extremely creative spirit that rages like a chicken gone wild over the paper and leaves its traces everywhere.
    Flower images can often be a little too sweet, but yours not, its vibrant and pulsates and seems like a boiling vulcano inside.

  18. great! perhaps it's a cosmea? love these flowers and love your drawing. and your sketchbooks.
    :)) mano

  19. oooh, dearest Nadeschda, thank you so much for that beauuutiful pink flower!
    I wanna a loud colour... I wanna PINK! Yeah!
    And what me makes sighing here is the delicacy of it, how you have made the drawing... so much patience and loveliness. In addition to it your pages of your sketch books... WOW! you even seems to be a bustler! "Two soulds alas! are dwelling in my breast", no?

    xo Ariane.

  20. Nadine, you add a bit of this and a bit of that and out comes this beautiful flower! Pop, it burst forth. Lovely. xo Carole

  21. makes me think a bit of a peony even though they probably look different? anyhow,
    it is beautiful!
    and that old building, love those, such an ambiance they bring with them. stories, history, memories...

  22. Back again for your mood board...woah! Just blows me away!
    That flower is breathtaking! Feel like I'll jump inside immediately!
    That colour...so if this is reflecting your mood right now I don't worry, haha! Nothing more lively to find! :o))

  23. Mind mapping? I love he idea! Is that a hibiscus? Glad I stopped by!!!!!!!!

  24. you know i love sketchbooks,they are like a source,a germ,
    i would buy sketchbooks if they were published, i love the scribbling, the try outs,
    yours ever so intriguing

    and yes i'm ready for the burst of color, your flower tells me so, xx

  25. Whoa Nadine this is pink and I can smell it. Right through the computer screen. What a precious wonderful image you have created. Your style continues to tickle my senses. Here with scent added this time. Great work my friend, N, x

  26. I came here just from Norma - another powerful flower!
    I always love how you do one drawing on two pages.
    x Stefanie