drawing | youth

youth and bitter truththrough marianne faithfull's song {long version} that does sound ominous. i was quite besotted by faithfull's album when it first appeared. i wanted 'to ride the streets of paris in a sport's car'. so far i managed the bus☻.

so. 'where did it fade away to, that bitter {sweet} truth, ... my youth'? thirty years gone, yet, where'd they slip away to? exciting and lived years in ghent, brussels, england and antwerp, and a 23-year old to show for. things could be worse ☻.

in addition and through an excellent vera episod, i realise again however hard we may try to eradicate the past, our mind will pop back to major and minor trauma like a songline, until we find a way to forgive ourselves. 

as opposed to those mildly riotous earlier {twenty something} years, a prevailing softness allowing less erratic action makes problem solving a much gentler enterprise. coming to terms with acquiescence on a daily basis comes as a relief. 

oh dear, i hadn't meant for such a monologue! i am sharing with you my home and my old swing underneath my beloved sweet cherry tree straight from my provincial years. my childhood right before youth ☺. sweet rose's subliminal theme.  


  1. music is transporting a lot, memories and feelings... sometimes losing time losing age while listening...
    love your pictures, kind of romance... the last one
    y stefanie

  2. Your wrote a lot (valt wel mee hoor) because there is a lot to think about mayby. Things you'd forgotten could come back by listening to music. Whatever this is, it's ok because its something from you.

  3. yes, swinging is a youthful thing that can be done throughout time
    sweet piece.
    so glad you managed the bus..... so far

  4. all true. acquiescence is a form of peace.

  5. Where did our youth go? Some days it feels just like yesterday and others day a long, long time ago. I guess it depends on which side of bed one crawls out of. Let's play on the swings in September! :) xo Carole.

  6. Oh, moving and piercing writing Nadine, (sniff), really tender and haunting too. Love your swing and your wild hair, and love that photo of the children by the brick wall. Beautiful, beautiful images. I'm striving to keep that child-like wonder and enthusiasm each day. Who's got time to age then. :D Big hugs you youthful girl. X

  7. It has been a though provoking theme this weekend!
    Memories can get stirred up so unexpectedly.
    I am trying to resurrect more of my (hidden or lost) early memories too.
    Your post has hit the spot!

  8. Well, it's a monologue, but a wonderful one! Food for thoughts and I love it. Who knows where the time goes...:)

  9. I want more of your monologues! Big pictures.
    Thanks, Katrin

  10. I could listen to your words all the night long (and will!), dearest Nadeschda!
    Hang on your's every word. Feel the little explosions in my inner, that they elicit (funny places, where memories stuck). Gosh! the swing and the cherry tree... in my Grandparents garden... here, at you dark red scenery, is a vibration, hm, like in a movie, or a book, that set... can't get it, it's like soap... sorry. Maybe later.
    Thank you very much for sharing, Dear.
    xoxo Love, Ariane of Rose

  11. wauw... that last image
    could be a movie still.....
    love the sphere and scenery, the wind
    the house in the distance...

    down memory lane this weekend
    like you
    i am a fan of Vera ;^))

    just one more month

  12. Now I am going to have to check out this album especially since you are besotted .

  13. Why Iove your blog so much xo perfect post! Thank you for sharing.