drawing | a {non} trickster move

trickster. i wish. it is hands on in the studio, no tricks. for i can trick myself, but rolling up the sleeves it is these days. and i'm glad my balance is back and focus is home and courage is mine.  

spring has been a lovely time here, i hope the very same for youse all. it's been mixes of soft and green, hollow and grey, warm and promising, chilled and wet, and sometimes all those in one day. reminiscing of a beloved autumn in temperament only.

ideas fly in and out of my mind, jotting 'em down on flimsy paper scraps, in my sketch books, on pinterest. finally the latter is really paying off as in being the resource it promised out to be. i have many uncovered boards, see. {or rather, you don't see, but i do. sorry!}  

my cartoon (i remain in darkness about it) is happening. i've also discovered it is a tad too figuratively to my likings, and also a tad boring, because a cartoon is limited by its frames. and my place of wonder lies outside those frames. typical!

i love drawing, scribbling, sketching, mixing media doing that. the cartoon i envisaged (the one we're delivering) misses those elements. unless of course one is a true {cartoon} trickster, which i may not be. 

i realise my first passion is photography. i love the infinite character of it which is too funny because an image if anything is limited always. yet, i don't experience photographic edges limiting, i use them to pepper up result. 

which is a fine thing at any stage: discovering where your likes are. the most fun i have indeed, is sifting through images, filtering, throwing a lot out, and letting tiny gems shine. you see, my librarian soul is shining through here. no surprise. 

many thoughts such as these meander through my studio days and i let them sweep in and out. i used to be stuck up about my presence in the studio, for needs lying outside that door, begging my attention. 

you can imagine renovations have once again come to a halt. it's not as if it is happening now through my absence, but it isn't making a point in my mind like before. it will happen, just not right now. two hands and a life bigger than that. 

i'm going out more, fishing the pond of inspiration, bringing impressions home to work through and see what happens. well, what happens also is i'm preparing for my november show. 

the best part of that being finetuning the very studio, once again going through tools and effects, my wants, my needs. old and newer ideas getting execution, discarding or holding on to result. result, again. 

in general taking art work more serious than i have done before, because it is a part of me. my recent worries had in part to do with missing me, not taking art to heart, hoping i'd get by. which i didn't, naturally.

it's interesting to see how this life runs in many stages, and i'm glad i've been at least conscious of these, and i'm curious for more. yes, there's backdrops, where aren't any? nowhere. yes, it's a road to nowhere. hell, i'm on it! good. 

and so, we muddle on. but it's good muddling. we're safe. there's many places that aren't. we're lucky too. i don't wish to forget that. my entry is about not forgetting. i came up with an abstraction. it isn't finished. it sits above the clock. veronica's theme. thxs, v!    


  1. enjoyed seeing your sketches, photos, thoughts and feelings
    it sounds as though you are on an adventure
    something feels right about your exploration of life and self and what stays and what goes
    thanks for sharing

  2. sweetie!
    i love, LOVE that last image!!
    your inspiration wall
    to see what you are working on
    and that abstraction of yours is great
    love the shapes and the colors
    it would make a nive fabric ;^))

    go girl!

  3. We can so easily be tricked into following the latest trends. But when that removes us from our authentic selves, takes us far afield from the things we love best...well. I'm glad you're making your way back to the things that bring you greatest joy.

    (Would that I could take some photography lessons from you, and also learn how to use filters, photo editing, etc. I like the rawness of an unretouched photo, but I want to expand my potential...)

  4. well i had to do some catching up here.
    i didn't mind at all to be plunged in 'your world', love all the old houses, love the real forget-me-nots and yours, love your words, reflecting on cartoons and yes it is always, always visible how you love to take photos(communications office is great) and your wall at ten past five makes me happy, xx

  5. Oh, wow! I so much enjoyed your post again! Balance and courage...I wish I would recover that again...so lucky you did! Life is an artwork itself, isn't it? Always in progress and we have to be creative to get through. I love to read how you try to focus on the things you love. That's what we all should do. And by the way, I'll never get tired of watching your photographies. Each a story in itself. Always a pleasure, my dear, but I think that's nothing new... :-)

  6. That's a long and inspiring post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  7. Me, too, love your images, dearest Nadeschda. I've got the feeling, that you are at home, arrived in your middle (like your tinywoolf on your clock), quite often {I know, it is a pursuit.} One can see it in your work. When I listen to your thoughts and words. And it is beautiful.
    Love, Ariane xxox

  8. Loved reading this! Yes, sometimes we do feel like we just muddle on, but from that carrying on comes magic. Also loved all those photos. I can see photography is a love our yours and you've developed a wonderful eye for it. Well done. By the way, love the old book covers and pages. Can't wait to see some of your sketch books. I'm very late checking back with everyone because I forgot my pc charger and was computer free for the whole weekend! :D What am I like? Hope you have a wonderful week. Big hugs.

  9. you can't dedicate your entire life to renovation - it would be too much of a drain.
    why do you keep private boards on pinterest? i really enjoy browsing through pins, but hardly ever go back to them and use them. pinterest has become for me like one of my many cookbooks: good to leaf through, but never actually use a recipe!

  10. oh, your eye. it finds and creates the most marvelous things. are those forget-me-nots? and i adore the leaf drawings. and the tiny camels, and the book covers all together like that, and the abstraction above the clock. such a cornucopia of delights. such fun to visit you in your studio :)

  11. you seem to be keeping very busy, to say the least.