drawing | frida

my friend m's cat is called kahlo. here he is, several years younger than today, m's male kahlo.
as i was out taking photos this week, i was wondering about frida, naturally. i remember that most painful scene from the film with salma hayek : when the tram frida is on crashes and she loses much, so much of her young life. 

i remember the energy of the movie, the vibrancy of the pictures, the zest for life, the love and the hurting. splendid perdition, over and again. 

vibrant colours often escape me. mexico and me aren't best friends. although i've been to mexico. i dipped my toe, crossing the south texas border into la ciudad juárez in 1990. 

analog photography... where's the time gone? and do you notice? i once upon a time shot images of peoplepatrice's frida, for the weekend. what a theme, i'm so curious to come snooping though, into your colours and beauty... PS - no, no, no! no birthday!! ☻


  1. these are wonderful or perhaps interesting photos
    they take me back in time, though they could be taken today
    a cat named Kahlo, perfect
    i rarely take photos of people, mostly nature
    i mostly paint people and the fae realm - funny how that can be

  2. Oh my gosh, if I ever get another female cat/dog (which is probably remote because Morgan's such a nightmare), I'll call her Frida too. Love the photos of the Mexico you know. My Mexico is a luxurious, full service, tons of Pina Colada's, relaxing vacation Mexico, so probably a bit different to yours, but for us Canadians, Mexico is such a cheap getaway. Mind you, when I was 15 (I know, dinosaurs were walking the Earth), my mother and I took a bus trip from Mexico city to some remote villages and I never saw so much poverty in my life. Shocking. Kind of like the trip we did into deep India. Amazing how the world goes. Biggest hugs int he world N and I hope your week is a wonderful one.

  3. Nadine, these photos in b&w are such a striking contrast to Frida's life in bold colours. Interesting view. Thank you.
    Mexico and I are not friends either. Kahlo, is a very handsome cat. Adios amigo. Chat soon. xo Carole

  4. Thank you for a special and unique post! B&w is a strong way to tell a story and you did it beautifully! Leena

  5. Dear Nadeschda, I like your 90th analog b/w photos from Mexico very much. Hard contrast... even to Frida and her art. But wait a sec: isn't it so, that the pure color in Frida's art are hard contrasting, too? (and it was hard for me to use such pure, contrasting color for my Frida). And, hey, your people photos are gorgeous! Maybe you take up the thread with your small 2. camera?!

    Love, Ariane.

    PS: Did my birthday greeting to you and your son Th. arrive via Facebook? It seems, the little one with candles on the head disappeared... (I put it under the Morrissey post)

  6. what a nice face kahlo has and i like your pics of mexico! your birthday too! (and mr. T?) third one this week parmi mes copines! happy birthday nadine!!!! xoxo

  7. yes striking contrast to Frida's colorful Mexico, very beautiful, they have a filmic feel about them, like a complete story in a mexican cantina, a feeling of loneliness creeps up on me looking at them, very touching face in the last photo.

    no birthday!? ok just a very big hug than, xxx

  8. Thank you for this journey. Lucia

  9. a male(!!) kahlo
    with a mustache, haha!

    and your b&w images are great
    maybe you should do that again
    analog and photographing people!
    hello young you
    you didn't change much ;^)))

    thanks for joining!

  10. a cat named kahlo and you on these pictures; isn't it interesting on how many levels frida is still hanging around? I kind of believe she would love that. still, as curiosity is my second name; why are you and mexico no friends? I would love to hear the story behind! xo

  11. I missed Ms.Kahlo:) but I love the b/w photos.

  12. Just wanted to say how very much I do enjoy your photos and scenes. Brings a bit of brightness to my day.
    merci, luvswool from Chicago

  13. I love this old black and white pictures. they are so remarkable and expressive!
    some weeks before I found some old photos I made in the 1970ies. I develope them myself and it was so interesting to see them 40 years later! perhaps I show them one day on my blog...
    :-) mano

  14. Oh! wat een verrassing om onze poes op je blog te zien, merciekes x

  15. i love all colors. vibrant and neutrals. until very recently i only couldn't stand pastels. now i wonder whether i'm not warming up to them too!

  16. people make good subject for photography

  17. Juarez! You were out West! I was in Del Rio in 1990 if it was summer. My Abuelita's cousin was Antonieta Rivas Mercado and she ran in circles that later Frida was a part of. I am huge Frida fan and always wondered that if Antonieta had not off'd herself the way she did, perhaps there would have been a story or stories involving her and Diego.