corner view ≈ somewhere else

longing to be somewhere else is a familiar feeling, creating restlessness along the way. the funniest thing is, i've been dreaming non stop about old places i've lived in, in a sense revisiting. as if i'm taking stock. perhaps that is exactly what i'm doing.

at 50+ i do consider what lies beyond me, and the uncertainties in front. not in a bad way either. probing myself a little, cleaning up messes, finding new directions (which aren't world shaking at all), twisting and turning some, on familiar grounds. 

i've mentioned before my daytime job lost its allure. i've been stepping into job counseling, opening up gaps in my life i didn't let the light shine in on. and i realise, all while being snap happy mainly, i've been letting go of the wrong stuff. 

i've decided to throw an open house party in november, these days called pop-up shop. straight after that i'll be reopening my online shop, only to take it serious this time. i will also be part of an art-at-home tour in the spring of 2016, showing off 'my houses'. 

these variations will fit into my life as is, tilt-shifting it a little, which is exactly what will happen to the job: re-focus, highlight differently and stop yearning for somewhere else. jane's corner view, francesca's hosting, ö's theme. 


  1. such a wonderful place you are at
    not easy
    change for most of us is not easy
    but life is wide open with possibilities
    i wish i could come to your pop up shop
    'longing' to be somewhere else is the inspiration that can lead to change
    and it sounds like you are taking good steps, exploring counseling and more.
    at 50+ = 57 I find that each choice is important to me, because it feels as though there is less time ahead of me than behind and this is my life, what do i want to do with it.
    i wish you clarity, luck, dreams come true, energy to take step after step and i add my heart to yours as you choose

  2. It all sounds exciting to me! Open house party sounds great, online shop I cannot wait all sounds fun and like you are following your heart.

  3. oh, I will come back
    need more time to dive in
    in your great pics and words,
    Thrills me! in a way, you know

  4. So good to hear that you're on the road again and see what's important again and the open house and art tour is so exciting and wish I could be there - but on virtual basis I will!
    Where is it with the boats? Nice sunny images!
    hugs barbara bee

  5. wonderful photo series ... hope job counselling is helpful. Sounds very cool with your pop-up shop, wish I could pass by :)

  6. Variations... a nice word to associate to somewhere else...

  7. Someday...
    I should reopen my shop too...I am looking for a job change, which actually doesn´t make me happy...but find not easy to change...
    Someday...somewhere else

  8. Sounds like a great direction to go in!

  9. It's good to reassess sometimes.
    Your photos are wonderful, love them all.

  10. Yes, wonderful photos, and I was drawn to read the comments, they are like a continuation of you, poems in creative notation, all adding up to something beautiful!! It does sound so true to your ♥!

  11. sounds like a good and peaceful coming home to me.

  12. ;^))
    het gevoel liever ergens anders te zijn
    terwijl ik - net als jij - bemerk dat ik hier wil zijn
    alleen met een andere focus
    ik kijk ernaar uit van gedachten te wisselen met jou
    over herwaardering en focus op de goede dingen
    die er al zijn
    dank voor je woorden
    en prachtige beelden


  13. Lovely photos, but it's your text that got to me. I, too, would like a career change and have considered speaking with a job counselor. I like what I do, but it's just too much. At 47, I would like less stress in my life please. I feel like I've earned it :-) Wishing you all the best on your journey!

  14. I like the depth in you last photo. Can relate to what you say about 50+, your view on your work, believe me, at our age it is not a bad thing to change. Some people dare not and become deeply unhappy. That is such a dreadful shame.