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i wrote in my diary : i cannot deny who i am, nor what i am, nor should i try being some'uk else. and i sighed. next i made us some dinner on plates. i'm telling you, deciding to do an open house does rattle my cage. i've been drawing tiny and bigger designs, trying to find what it is i'm gonna show, and i'm getting a little jittery. by little i mean alot

what am i? what am i doing? who cares? not my usual pep talk then. i suppose i need to work through this, before i'll really be getting somewhere. then i read an article on the island of saint helena (five hours boat trip off the african coast towards brazil). i read it and i came back up for air. 

no mobile reception to speak off on saint helena. just four thousands residents who call themselves volunteers. secluded from yet not immune to global change since youngsters on the isolated isle have as little trust in the future here as in most places elsewhere {not wanting to accuse youngsters per se, it just dawned upon me some laws are universal}.  

the article both intrigued and scared me. it did also free me of creative phobia. if i cannot do an open house, then i won't (but i want to). and if i don't, that will be fine. in the meantime it is key to go on in the way samuel beckett wrote : i can't go on, i'll go on. or, it is what it is {i heard robert de niro utter that once. it sounded sexy} .

i have a cookery book with plates in it. it is called "plates" cookbook, can you believe it? the book has many plates in it, besides recipes. i've added some of the plates here. slinky, not? i can't bring myself to cut up this book. instead i'll be cutting some more words and use my new glue pen. i might build a plate myself. joke's drawing challenge this weekend. 


  1. The images from your cookbook remind me of ones my mother used to have in the 70s!!
    And I think you're great just as you are :)

  2. i love that: it is what it is

    sweet weekend to you

  3. Lovely thoughts. I must tell you that I freaked out before my art in the garden weekend too. All showings of one's own soul carry with it a vulnerability which is difficult to say we don't care about it, because if our little souls get trampled by unkind words, that's a pain which is hard to let go. Big hugs and stay strong. You can do it. :D

  4. You found yourself in this, I guess!!!! Great way to talk about plates. Lately I had the same thoughts and choose for myself. It wasn't easy, happy I did. You'll find your way.

  5. what your are? what are you doing? I care? ;) and like your questions... and visions.

  6. hmmm.... ik dacht werkelijk dat ik al een comment had geschreven....
    maar misschien was dat op FB
    als altijd houd ik van hoe jouw geest werkt
    verfrissend en anders
    en.... een nieuwe versie van je blog
    zo professioneel!
    kijk: dan leer ik jou een prent schoon afdrukken
    maak jij mijn blog wat beter

    tot snel!

  7. Ugh, trust in the future. I try. I go back and forth. It's a cynical part of me. Fear brings out the ugly so there is some of that. Depends what future, global, local, personal, that of loved ones...it depends. Okay, I get what you are saying regarding open house. I don't do well with deadlines so I put it out of my head, I must. Also, I tend to invite everyone once I have completed the party decorations and they are strung up. I can't invite without everything being ready first. Maybe you will, maybe you won't.

  8. it's a sad world when youngsters are scared of the future, instead of being full of hope and ideas.