drawing | halfway metamorphosis {please hover}

our first time metamorphosis was hosted by rose ariane also! let's have a look at what we are talking about four years down the road... and although i started out doubting the challenge, an early morning pinterest walk got me inspired. 

as you know i've recently played around on the gelliplate. last weekend i pulled blues only from my ancient plate that i threw out afterwards; the overall moulding had gotten too bad. no pictures of that gross decay!

i am sometimes wondering what to do with the prints. for now i store 'em and the blues i have every intention to further work on at some later stage. the above image {yes! a landscape!} should shed a light on what i aim for, perhaps in combination with collagraph

i love transformation when a project sets out. right at the beginning you just see details, not the whole picture. it always pushes me to the limits to my endurance : shall i go on, shall i f*** up, will all be well? usually the latter prevails.  

so i set myself loose on some scrappy nerdiness into embelleshing twenty six alphabet letters {update : just three, i'm afraid}; loving the snippety-snip doodly project, all while running out of time. 

and so also just half worked out this one, reflecting the mirroring effect on a playing card, showing the before and after, if you like. and i am still mesmerized by fritz lang's maria, the ultimate transformation project... ☻ ariane's metamorphosis.   


  1. very interesting experiments!
    Or shouldn't I call it that?

  2. Wonderful images of an art process, thanks for sharing:) Leena

  3. The rough, vintage-look (or maybe Kiefer-look:) of the lino house speaks to me. Love it and would love to see more of them. (Finished?) - eric

  4. Especially the houses speak to me, too, dearest Nadeschda.
    Maybe through them the metamorphosis of time is visible, here on a very poetic way... Nothing is for the eternity.
    I love your work with the gelliplate! It seems to be a very 'roll-your-sleeves-up' energy to work with it, no?

    On your ride back to hometown passing the mirror of water reminds me on the 'Binnenalster'. Makes me feel very grateful to you, my friend!

    For me it is still a miracle, how the rings of light at Fritz Lang's metamorphosis of Maria works... but this is not the only miracle. And a good thing, too. ThanX for sharing your processes of doing/making art! It's wonderful!
    Ariane. Rose

  5. The walk-through of your creative process (thinking, analyzing, reporting, witnessing your own muse, surprise, doubt, and all of that) is a joy for me. It is generous to share...to show vulnerability. And this is so apropos of 'metamorphosis' and I am so in love with what you came up with. The ABC of things. Of course the whole alphabet (the whole of life) follows and we have FAITH that that is so, or will be so. Is the ABC art a gelli print? I'm a bit out of the loop on the gelli plate front. If there is more than one print if it is a print, may I purchase it from you, or trade you for something I made (likely a small book of some sort)? Now I am off to visit your link to Fritz Lang. Bye for now dear friend. Love your work...the houses. Perfectly comforting to me. N, x

  6. I love the transformation as I go along too Nadine. The trick is to not give up on a piece, (she says having just consigned another painting to the BURN pile). But mostly anything can be saved. So don't worry and just mess things up as much as you like! Then let it dry and do something over it!

    PS: Sandpaper works miracles...lol
    Big hugs my dear. :D

  7. wow, Nadine, how creative! I love how you rounded the corners of that last photo of the finished project.

  8. It is so good to see your process. Same her so often: shall i go on, shall i f*** up, will all be well? You make me smile. Thank you. Lucia

  9. eye candy
    yes, each image is eye candy
    i enjoyed seeing everything you have shared

  10. If an artist has no doubts during the process ... I do not think he/she is on the right track. ;)

  11. I have just discovered collagraphs thanks to you :)