drawing | 6 and 7

uh-hoh. sixes and sevens... starting with animals....

how shall we tackle this six and seven, if not for its dates? ghent playing cards?

i'm sure i had a plan, but when i opened up my cards box this morning...

i found more than i bargained for, all in the spirit of 6 and 7

without really wanting nor having to make my hands dirty... 

i ended up in another card domino game with animals. i'll say.  ♥

PS - i've tried the linky business, but it hasn't worked.... i'll pop back regularly and link everyone that's blogged in colour type below.
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  1. I wouldn’t really know how to reply in colour, I’m afraid.

  2. A nice collection of sixes and sevens. I've just dropped my post. - eric

  3. I love all the cards, especially those vintage games - a wonderfully original interpretation of theme! I've just posted mine as well.

  4. wow, you have some wonderful playing cards! great images.
    this was a challenging theme for me, an idea took all week to come. it was an interesting theme to consider. thank you! mine is up and ready.

  5. Oh those cards from Ghent make me homesick for Belgium, Nadine.
    Life here has been all sixes and sevens. Thanks for hosting this timely challenge. I've posted mine now too. xo

    1. oh, carole. yes, i can imagine, when seeing stuff you relate too... so sweet you'd be homesick for belgium now... X

  6. hello hello! what a nice collection of sixes and sevens! first thought YOU made those ghent Cards, maybe you should do a similar game of geraardsbergen? yes? no? perhaps? i've made it though i thought i would't, because i'm gone for the week-end. but how could i miss your call? i joined anyway. would you be so kind to add me to your list? see u at my 6&7, dear! :-)

  7. Nadine! I'm coming back to comment for real. Right now I just want to let you know that I've posted my offering for this challenge but can't find linkey; here's the link to my post. Norma, x

    1. too right, norma, and everyone else : i've ditched the linkey, for it died on me. i'm sure i did something wrong. but it's okay, i've linked you up the old fashioned way! X

  8. oh, I love those old playing cards, especially the domino cards with swan and dog - so lovely!! of course I have a little collection too ;-)!!
    :-) mano
    here is the link to my post: http://manoswelt.blogspot.de/2016/02/gustavs-agenda-drawing-challenge-6.html

  9. Hi Nadinetje,
    what an amazing collection of awesome playing cards! Wow! I especially like the ghent cards, not only that I love this city I think its quite unique and special!
    Have a nice sunday!

  10. hoi Nadine,
    ik heb wat gepost
    niet naar tevredenheid maar ala
    nu weer snel verder met werken....
    lessen voorbereiden, voorbeelden maken
    het is leuk, echt het is leuk
    maar eigenlijk zou ik mijn moede hoofd willen neerleggen
    en volgende week ben ik de host
    hoe en wanneer..... dag!

    en lachen gaan we!
    deze zomer, samen drukken of iets anders
    ik verheug me zeer!!

  11. You are surrounded by sixens and sevens, in a good way, dearest Nadeschda,
    used and unused, fresh and cute.. the animal cards, oh, so lovely!
    Thank you for hosting, my Dear, and for your heartwarming words... they works.
    Love, Ariane

  12. That card box of yours is a veritable treasure chest of wondrous visual delights that get the senses going for sure! One should have/keep clean hands when handling cards! But...wait until the cards bring ideas...your hands won't be clean for long, dear friend! Thank you for hosting, N, x

  13. Now that's my kind of being at sixes and sevens! Usually, I'm in the middle of the other one!!! LOL. Especially this week since I'm hopelessly late. Oh well, chalking it up to the universe. Thank you so much for hosting Nadine, it was lovely resurrecting a canvas from my "burn" pile. :D Big hugs.

  14. As here by you I see everywhere 6 and 7 and 7 and Sixes. Thank you for this playful DC, Nadine.

  15. Love your post! and thanks so much for the invitation to join in. I was hoping to, but time ran out and it didn't happen....hope to join in again another time. Off to see what other created!

  16. so finally, a little time to properly comment. those sixes and sevens, first of all thank you for teaching me about this concept. I had never heard of it before, but it fits so many familiar situations. and on dealing with them, at least I can't be creative about them. not when I am in the middle of them. not at all. afterwards, when coming out of the woods, then I a can at least write bout it. never paint. oh these card games, beautiful! xo

  17. i love the things that come out of your collections now and then! the vintage children's cards and the Gent themed ones (imagine!) are treasures.

  18. I love all the lovely images. I only have a small collection of old camera's but I do love Bee's and red capped mushrooms. Hope you had a lovely weekend!