drawing | where the ♥ is, and also rather a few "anyway's"

every year, for many years, my mr. valentine has no inkling as to behind which door i'm at, for he's passed my house repeatedly, with little hope of a return. it sounds bleak, but don't let my blab fool you! i love my mr. valentine {unknown}, and one day, yeah? 

every year i take courage and dream myself up a mr. valentine, like a dear friend once suggested: why not make a fella from sweet dough bread and knead him into existence? i haven't tried it yet, but the idea appeals, and one way or another. anyway

i must play with different tools. and so i pulled out the stamps. which are always near, for i've started a weekly journal, i kid you not.  i joke around with it, pretending i need it, in case memory loss would befall and fell me. i would not like that! but really.

i need it. i need that journal. for it pleases me in its simplicity and also for its expanse. anything goes in there. so, every sunday night (or early monday morning) i sit down in front of my weekly planner, and i start reminiscing.

as the week passes, i take note of silly, beautiful, moving or life changing events in my tiny moleskine. it holds my key card to work, alongside my inner most private thoughts. not a bad combination at the worst of times. in my art journal however, my criteria are mild. 

although i've regularly stated otherwise, perhaps giving lenience to complete calm, my life is rather topsy turvy, or at sixes and sevens, and plans, ideas, intentions and actual deeds, they don't always meet up in the middle. anyway. moving on. to drawing...

.. some of it can hit broad daylight. although my published drawings happen on a charitable, no funds basis, i am putting together a workable portfolio for merchandising after publication, aren't i? and i feel well chuffed about that. the left one appeared just this month.

anyway. i'm straying, but bear with me. stamps, and mr. valentine, and hearts, i was thinking. so i've tried incorporating hearts in a few different projects, as you may well notice below. hearts... homes. well... home is where the heart is. to me anyway.

opening up my {other} art book surprised me. i easily forget what i work on when i leave it for a few days, weeks even. that is also why i started a weekly journal: my mind's a sift and i do not remember much after i've actually done something. 

i mean, that might be alarming, but i think it also means i've been having too much on my plate and i'm counting the days to go back to a parttime office job, so i can draw more. from home. feel happy, where the heart is. thank you melodye! helló, mr. valentine. {not}. 


  1. I love you yard of hearts and art books and drawings, wow! You are every bit an artist!!!

    I drew Mr Valentines over the years but then fell in love with one little guy I drew and continued to draw him for years and years. He was the sweetest and two ex-boyfriends got jealous of this handsome and hip fella I drew and called Bongo. He was a beatnik with goatee and sweet in his existential way. Anyway Bongo went off...

    Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  2. Home is where the heart is:), your post is wonderful, there's so much to see. Love it, topsy turvy or not... - eric

  3. Love the notebooks Nadine! I've thought for a couple years now that I should be drawing up a storm in my day timer. I mean, it's there, it's paper! I'm away form Robbie this V Day and actually most V days, so he's behind a door away from me too. :( But we can be each other's Valentines. :D

  4. You've been very active.
    Love the sweet stuff in the beginning of this post.

  5. You are a horn of plenty, dearest Nadeschda,
    I love your journals, they show a source of beautiful ideas and endless love, a skillful artist with so much love for tiny details, big hearted, open minded and soulful. Mr. Valentine? Mr. Freedom is here already! (sometimes one need more Mr. s than only a single, no?!)
    Home is where heart is... right! I can tell ya! And 'our' house, in the middle of the street, is beautiful!

    It's time for me to start a journal, too, because my mind is overflowing. Bee can tell ya.
    Love xoxx Ariane. Rose

  6. Hi Nadine-tje,
    I truly l o v e this post, not only how wonderful you describe your desire for mr. Right to find you and I think baking one is a good idea, at least you would exactly know what you are looking for. BUT your journal pages really really are totally inspiring for me and I think I should consider such a way for myself too.
    Lots of love to you♥♥♥
    barbara bee

  7. so many wonderful details
    i enjoyed seeing each page
    i also forget things i have made in the near past
    i like the idea of drawing a Mr. V.
    I also like Mr. Freedom that Airane mentions

  8. love this last one! you are coming along as an illustrator. you are a true artist. so nice to see.

  9. your art journals are fantastic, I love love love love.....
    ♥ mano

  10. Your art journal pages inspire me, and make me think starting an art journal... Making a man out of dough sounds like a good idea - a lovely bit of sympathetic magic.

  11. Oh, I forgot to ask, are those hand-cut stamps you're using in your journal pages?

  12. Nadine!!!!!
    W A U W
    en een diepe buiging
    voor al wat je hier toont
    ik kijk met een licht jaloerse blik
    .... ik wil ook.... maar het lukt me (nog) niet
    wat me wel lukt is host zijn
    voor de komende drawing challenge
    doe je mee?