drawing | cocoon {winter cycle}

when to bed, curling up in a tiny pool of warm sheets and soft bedding, atop a well comfortable mattress, i feel in sheer heaven. indulging in that trusted mass of cotton, wool and expectation is a thing to look forward to every night. 

when i commute, i like to cuddle up against my warm winter coat (embellished with fake fur), and i sigh and feel blessed for another hour of doing absolutely nothing, or doing exactly what i want and how i want it, taking in account the other commuters, naturally. 

and winter evenings find me hugging my settee, wrapping myself tight in a few crocheted blankets. there's one for different moods. i find myself drawn to blues and greens in the evenings, dozing in the extravagant company of dickensian character.

before i take up another wint'ry walk wading through muddy pools, climbing a soaky slope, scrambling underneath rusty wire... the cycle being the anticipation of coming home to a warm blanket and a cuppa. the comfort. the luxury. cocoon! X and blues for patrice


  1. ;^)))
    i can see you wrapped tight in your crocheted blankets
    and of course you have one for different mood, ha! ;^)))

    i love your drawing book
    the quote of thomas moore (i have to write down)
    thouched me deep, too deep....

    you go girl with the blues and plates
    i am looking forward impatiently ;^)))

    thank you for joining
    and sharing dear Nadine

  2. Thank you for your words...for your generous, artistic way of sharing these moments in a day (your day) at this time of year in your neck of the woods; it is a delicious experience. I smell the rusty wire, the mud pools, the wool, the coat, the commuter train, the sheets. Oh the bedding. Every single night as I lay before sleeping I thank the universe for my bed, my bedding, the roof over the bed. A lovely post. That quote!!! :)

  3. I'm down on my knees again because of your neverending and so-your-own creativity! Love the simplicity of this collection and the pale colours, too. Fits the winterly thoughts of blankets and hot cups and your cozy warm home perfectly. I'll come to check your blankets within next months, all right? ;-)

  4. That quote! How is it that I've never read that before? Oh I must get out more. It's a brilliant quote and I want to print it out and stick it on every corner of my life. I love that quote. It's my new favourite quote. And you've brilliantly followed it with the modern jungles, stitched up and separation. So excellent! :D Biggest hugs.

  5. very intimate
    you show your cocoon
    so touching
    x stefanie

  6. Wonderful texts and images - I do love the blues and the lines and stitches. This post give me much to think about, thank you! xo Leena

  7. Ah, don't know where to begin actually, the quote, your text, your awesome journal pages, all speaks to me so much. I can imagine you sitting in your fake fur coat on the train scribbling stuff you see while looking out of the window into the doom grey winterdays or curling up with all your awesome crochet blankets - because I have the advantage to have seen part of that personally and so its so much easier to see it before my inner eye. Your artwork especially the stiched and fabric stich mixed ones are awesome - you should do more in this direction.
    Well another day for cocooning away at home, grey and wet and still having headache...
    xo bee
    P.S. I've showed only my dining place wall that you can see how wonderful your/my little house is fitting in there - really love it, makes me smile every day!
    Till soon my dear!

  8. Love yor post. Great ingredients for a cocoon evening! - eric

  9. wow, your first journal pages show that you and i were in sync with one another this week.
    i enjoyed all the feelings of cocoon you shared with us and your sketches and stitches as well.

  10. Oh how I love to see your journal pages. And the Thought of a Winter Circle is a good one - full of hope for me.
    Thank you for your kind words.

  11. Love the quote. I have copied it out and stuck above my desk,( well piled up table )
    Great drawings and this winter has been about being wrapped up and you seem to have got that right

  12. wonderful quote - I understand it ;-)!! and I love the view into your sketchbook - great! I think for the next days you need your warm blanket, it should be cold again...
    :-) mano

  13. So so true (the quote)! We often spend to much time rushing from place to place enjoy, contemplate, and when needed redirect ourselves.

  14. This is love that I'm feelin'
    dearest Nadeschda!
    XOXX Ariane

  15. Dearest Nadeschda,
    may I please invite you to the next drawing challenge? You will join, ja?
    Love, Ariane

  16. I love these! And wow, your bed sounds heavenly for sure. I miss a good winter.

  17. I'm all for faux fur. i remember my commute to work, nightmarish on most days because I could never find a seat. since starting to knit again I've come to (almost) enjoy the time spent waiting around, although in wintertime it does get pretty chilly (I need faux fur!)

  18. Beautiful post. It has been some time since I have been for a visit, and am so glad I made time for one today. Thank you so much for the hospitality and all that you share. I too must write down this quote.