family affair {renov#4}

05/08/10 - deader than this is nowhere near possible. on the other hand (and knees), gleefully dead. the morning started out slow, mindful. as the hours passed, activity rose. the recycle park saw us return many, many times to the same containers. in the end they started clapping. the result was an emptied out attic. i mean : e-m-p-t-y. but wait a minute? it wasn’t all rubble after all!

there was an old painting, probably ruined by dust….

there was industrious j. hanging from the crossbeam in my future studio…

i was caught in action…

old wallpaper simply begging for attention of the lens…

well goodbye, dolly…

... and hello bird’s tail!
yes! all that found and recuperated. to stay. all of these charmers will be popping up again, over the year to come… whilest, in the meantime, still humming. it’s a family affair, it’s a family affai-air….


  1. Wow heb je dat allemaal gevonden in je huis!!! Geweldig!

  2. Hey the pictures are so nice and sweet, i loved the light and the colours
    Thank you soooo much for the following my blog, it makes me so happy, specially when you have this beautiful blog where you write in this style I love.
    Big kisses and love

  3. How exciting, a new studio! Mine has just had the plaster hung but won't be ready for a while. Its weekend work for the hubby.

  4. Hey Woolfie, looks like you and the family have been very busy. I can't wait to see your studio when it's finished, more then a little envious!

  5. It's all worth it for a studio! I'm a little sorry for the dolly, especially as we're always looking for orphan dolls!

  6. something in dark is especially true

  7. Wow, a little treasure in your house! Exciting!