the sky's the limit, baby

such a beautiful monday to fly up the roof. i was amazed at the ease demonstrated by the roof workers, climbing on beams like monkeys. i squinted at the sun. the windows were being measured too, today. tomorrow the skylights will be put in place. i love this stage.


  1. Ohh, you captured this lovely light so beautifully. And a skylight? How marvelous!

  2. Het weer staat aan je kant Nadine,morgen ook zonnig weer!!!
    Heb al die verbouwingsstadia ook meegemaakt,twee keer zelfs,en hoe verder je komt hoe plezieriger het wordt.
    'Skylights',het is zo'n mooi woord...
    Succes morgen.

  3. This is for your new place isn't it?
    I'm excited!

  4. I like the title:) ANd I guess I should hope for good weather there!

  5. I often love the unfinished stages of construction...bare bones and earthy.