of mice and (wo)men

i feel generally unconcerned by skittish mice, or even just the one. i have a thought on one in my parents house, pattering over the central heating piping one summer's day, long before stuart little saw any light shining. blinking at me, it soon disappeared off to greener pastures. no, i am a one perturbed by spiders. writing down the word feels like tempting fate. mice, and other rodents, don't faze me. unless

i sit watching a movie, relaxed, drowsing perhaps, until i hear a gnawing sound. alarmingly on edge, i am informing the reader that above my head is PLAIN ceiling and a FULLY timbered down mezzanine. but for space, i presume, between ceiling and wooden planking. i start about, the edina way. is the scratching rodent working its skiving way through the hidden ceiling beams? are our mezzanine days numbered? 

the next day, in full daylight, our charles dickens atmosphere subsiding, i am left with the riddle of how the rodent got up there? more pressingly perhaps, how are we going to unburden stuart the second of its predicament?


  1. Oh goodness ... yes, in general I can cope well with furry beasties ... but when it comes to spiders ... eeek!

    I do hope you solve the rodent mystery ... they certainly seem to often have mad skills in penetrating homes in the most unusual ways.

    PS. Happy new year! xx

  2. I'll send my mouser George right over in fact don't sleep till you find it!!!

  3. Dear Nadin,
    I really love your new place! its bright and bice and I like the blue cowboy...;-)

    By the way I watched yesterday the movie "True Grit"...damm, was good and sad...(that was about the cowboy...;-)

  4. Oh I love these images of scrumptious little things!!!

  5. oh, dear. we don't have mice here, you know... we have fruit rats (they like the orange trees.) and believe me, they are not as nice as mice! i much prefer them far away from me and mine. (and i hate spiders, too)