drawing | butterfly

our mixed feelings on quotes being what they are, here are a few poetry lines i like to hear {and so well in tune for today's meeting up of the drawing circle}. i admit it is a.o. the honed voice of actor ben whishaw which rings to mine ear,

i almost wish we were butterflies 
and liv'd but three summer days - 
three such days with you 
I could fill with more delight 
than fifty common years 
could ever contain.

even songs aren't spared the flutterby sentiment... flap-flap-flap over to : patrice, ariane, renilde, rosemary, jasmin, demie, victoria, leena, stephanie, tatjana, hagar, nina, julia, tania, lise, rachel, greta, ... and thank you SO much for playing. 


  1. Your butterfly's wing's look like lovely old linoleum (or lino as we call it here) Woolfy x

  2. ...lovely uncommon/strange colors, you know how i like that! xxx, julia

  3. love you butterfly wing dear Woolf!
    and the poem... I feel I know what mister Ben Whishaw means ; )

  4. That song...now probably in my head for the rest of the day, such a happy tune!
    Those poem lines..i perfectly understand what he felt.
    Your drawing... the closer you look the more amazed you get.
    Butterflies, so nice to think about on a grey and rainy february morning :)
    Thanks for a great theme sweetie.xx

  5. Thanks for the interesting challenge Woolf.
    Love your butterfly wings and the the beautiful words about the fleeting life of a flutterby.

  6. your butterfly wing
    as if it is a real one
    from up close
    it looks so soft
    and those colors
    I really love
    your choice of color!


    I will be the host next week
    please stop by on Monday!

  7. the poem sounds wonderful. and i love your painting!
    i wish i had a skirt in this pattern!


  8. Thank you for bringing us up so close! This is so beautiful. As always I love your dots, texture and color!
    Greta and I are joining in this week. Come see us.
    Heno is doing well. :)

  9. Love your poem,
    love your wings...the circles on the right look like eyes,

  10. Ooh, those three days,
    how wonderful!
    I found my heart:))

  11. So beautiful and magical.feels very sensory with that visual texture...gorgoeus...I love these poetic words..wonderful!
    Thankyou for inviting me to your beautiful party!

  12. Your pointellism is really magnificent,
    dearest Nadeschda,
    and you remind me with the poem of Keats to look this movie by Jane Campion in original... I've got the DVD...

    Thank you for this poetic theme! It turns out to be a huge metamorphosis...


  13. I love your butterfly! It is really interesting to see how different the butterfly posts are!

  14. Interesting colors, very unique and beautiful post:)

  15. Dear, this is lovely! Looks like a gorgeous pqttern for a new fabric! Imagine that on a silk blouse or a cushion! And respect for patiently dotting the pages... ;-)
    I will visit the other butterflies later, 'cause I'm on a visit in Paris right now and just fluttered by to say Bonsoir! ;-)

    1. Well, pattern was the word, of course, have you ever written on a french keyboard?? None of the letters at the right place!!

  16. Ringing very true, those lines. Love all the dotting!


  17. dear nadine, I'm so sorry that I couldn'n fly in - I stayed in denmark for some days - there were no flutterbies in sight, it was cold and wintry, but beautiful, too.
    I love your gorgeous wings and the poem!
    xx mano

  18. May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun
    And find your shoulder to light on,
    To bring you luck, happiness and riches
    Today, tomorrow and beyond.
    ~Irish Blessing

  19. wow an outstanding artwork!

    have a sunny day,

  20. Butterflies! This theme could not come from anyone that wasn't you :)
    I've been listening to your cd mix in my car lately, and singing out loud the song from bright star's ost. I saw the film again a few months ago.
    Do you remember my butterfly wing?
    That reminds me of an e-mail of a lovely person I have to answer... I'll try to!
    Big kisses nadine.

  21. Hello dear Woolfy! I sit on your wings and admire your lovely patterns as i borrow a little bucket of fairy dust! I should like to ride on the back of your butterfly, across the world, into the heaven and back.
    Thank you for the adventure!

    xo milady

    ps ive had a thorough look at your amazing shop! WOW such ingenious products and presentation.
    well done!!!

  22. What a beautiful blog to discover and I'm drawn to these wonderous butterflies- could Spring be around the corner....?

  23. i l-o-o-o-o-ve this drawing! and the quote along with us! thx for taking us along on your little flight of fancy!

  24. crap! i didn't mean to say "us" twice! just the second time.

    and now the dreaded anti-robot code again! for you nadine.....i will submit!

  25. ahhh, keats via ben whishaw. my em is not a fan of either... i am a fan of both. and those lines are rather swoony, especially when paired with your art...

  26. p.s. nadine, can i put your butterfly on my blog one day? with attribution and link of course?

    1. sure you can. it'd be my pleasure!
      i come see you tomorrow.
      sleepy now...

  27. Such a gorgeous butterfly ... and yes, ben whishaw's voice suits that poetry well.