pay back time

i've been saving up. images. so i can fill another miscellaneous blogpost. 
i like the diversity of it, mingling all sorts of days, ways and emotions. 
seeking out colours wherever i tread, i am most amazed at the fall's gifts to mine eyes. 
like every september i am most amazed. 
{and september is the queen of (a)mazes, i find} ...  
i'll lead you. ...
through town, 
and kitchen, ...
over highs {in background our "uptown"}, 
and past lows, ...
waving at farmers harvesting {not pictured here}, 
scooting by pretty dilapidated downtown,
encountering unexpected, decapidated sorrow, ...
sampling dry goods, ...
putting out fire ... { ... "with gasoliiiiiiiine"songline popping to mind ☻}, ...
noticing pink goes really well with gold, ... 
{in fact, am only just now decyphering the graffiti}, ... 
arriving back à table, ...
forever indebted to your kind eye. 
♦ ♦ ♦
and how are you doing? 


  1. DANK U dear Nadine. Visiting you here or on FB is always a pleasure. Your photos are crisp, much like the evenings in September. Still beach weather at noon but sweater some out after dinner. Loved your tie dyed shirt and Japan theme in your last post. Hugs to you. xo Carole

  2. Beautiful pictures, beautiful colours, the're so special, personal, great!!!!!

  3. great great pictures!! dank u!!!

  4. Hi,Nadine.
    Your pictures often struck me with your special ideas and colors. I like the eighth the most. So lovely!!
    Happy days!

  5. thank you so much for the colorful walk ... so much to look at. Hope you had good food on that table :)

  6. A wonderful collection of photos-indeed! Next time you have cake, can I come? Yummy!

  7. Dear Nadine – The diversity spiced up this post. I like your touch of photographing which is distinctively yours. Autumn is my favorite season for its gradual cooling of September, cool and crisp air and high blue sky of October, and fabulous colored leaves of November.


  8. I like all the photos you took!!! :)

  9. did you get a new lens? whatever the case, i always like what your eye sees!

  10. very nice picture, poetical and with the words we have a new dimension