an old fashioned blog post

like those in the beginning. coming up with just about anything, about anything. or how we evolved as blogpost writers, prodding along. going with the feckless flow, and then some. sitting back, relaxing, dreaming. at times doing naff all, for the muse to feel welcome.

because, let's be honest: we need time and the sense of time to let the hunch unfold itself into existence. this weekend i walked a tiny loop in the neighbourhood, for i slotted myself to this tiny pocket of time, as if time itself became negligible. the best {short} walk! 

i covet memories of the abandoned skateboard rink, the fall-apart house at the bottom of horses street, the mossy path along the neglected meadow; passing two ancient cropper locals, contemplating an early and treacherous spring, as it near started pouring down. 

that kind of slot-of-time. hopping inside from the chill air, throwing a hearty burger on the hot skillet and gulping it down, while gazing at the world going by on the backlit screen, anticipating museum night in brussels. today now, i'm doing zilch. i hope the same for you.  


  1. Just my kind of thing! A walk with relics to ponder. Love these photographs and a museum night sounds great.

  2. Powerful and fragile, dear Nadeschda,
    and other way round. Your photos. And your words whet the appetite for more... I could read a whole book written by you. A little bit rough, ever from the heart and true and wise and unexpected. Is this old-fashioned? Meh. I love it!
    Love, Ariane.
    PS: I wanted to do zilch, but I ended up in the kitchen... not the worst place ;-)

  3. I needed some time to get a translation for "zilch" ;), but now I know what you mean. a very good decision!!
    :-) mano

  4. It was good to read your post again. I'm trying to get back into blogging regularly because I miss it. Enjoyed your short walk. I enjoyed the back porch and a book last evening --it was 65 degrees. Today I have to bake a cheese cake for a fundraiser.
    I blogged about what I've been reading lately because I read a lot now that I'm retired -- about a 300 some page book every 2 - 3 days. It's wonderful. But I haven't done any artwork yet except color in an adult coloring book. I don't think that counts. Stop by-- I'd love to hear from you! :>)

  5. A short but sensual walk with lot of meaning about transience, time and life in general. Go for old-fashioned!

  6. My kind of walk you know ❤️ How I miss blogging from a laptop and reading all of the blogs. I am amazed I am still phone blogging. It's been quite the feat :) I did enjoy this old fashioned blog and walk with you.