i am sailing

from Celine's website: "I am an artist. I color my views in red, yellow and blue. Wish me wel with my fantasy."
i've been sailing. or perhaps i should say bobbing around. i've also traveled some. and i have nursed the 'perfect' cold. it's grey days outside, the snow has disappeared. today the rains seem to have stopped. 

dordrecht, wijnstraat
i managed to travel up to Dordrecht, to meet up with Celine and at last witness one of her gigantic drawings in real life (above). we had coffee and cake at Villa Augustus, and managed walking in dry air.

dordrecht, historic part of town
i've traveled cos my head needed nursing too. i needed to be somewhere else, talk to others, to strangers even if such would be the case. trains in holland are just as bad as trains in belgium. mhmmm. 

dordrecht, xmas time in shop windows
all this to say indeed, i am sailing. how cool is that song and video and how young was i? and how about you's? the xmas tree isn't up yet, bummer. maybe sunday. maybe i'll show it too. stay warm, stay safe. x

fuzzy photo on a rainy day, villa augustus, to be revisited, @ladies....
i wish i could give you more of dordrecht to view... will not happen. the weather was unfair and i need to come back to snap better images. spring in dordrecht... sounds good. now for the company ☺.

have a beautiful week ahead ♥


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