Belgium, la Roche-en-Ardennes
let's talk kairos. kairos is chronos' grandson. i haven't known that for a long time. just 2 1/2 weeks ago, i came to the understanding kairos is chronos' grandson. does it mean anything? YES. it means so, so much. 

day's outing and museum moment in a nearby town
dutch contemporary philosopher Joke Hermsen enlightened me on these gods of old. and if chronos is playing tricks on us, which he is, like ALL of the time, then it's kairos we need to hug. 

sweet break midweek
while chronos makes us run and run, and perhaps seek cover, and arghgh, leaves us blown till it's all ugly, kairos can step in and he'll say: now. go lightly, child. and breathe. 

valerius de saedeleer, i bow
and sit down. and do absolutely nought. dare it, do ab-so-lu-te-ly nought. or ought. sit. laugh. cry. pray (mhmmm). work. admire. words on loan from a dutch singer songwriter

morning walk, sitting down on a bench, finishing a drawing
and what a relief it is to do so and just breathe. sitting still. not minding the world twirling by.  thinking... kairos, my gawd... 'bout time we got truly acquainted. 

love your sunday, enjoy the week ahead, giving kairos the light of day... ♥


  1. Love the picture of what looks like a black etching of a tree with a person in the foreground. I'm not sure what it is but I like it!

  2. You make my day, dear Nadine, Dear! No cliché!
    Didn't know Kairos and now I say "Welcome". Lovely to see you, bow of Valerius and your mooie drawing.

    Love, Ariane