out with it

i have added a topping to my house cleaning: i am now losing half of all that i own. it is exciting to get my life back on track in a liberating fashion. house clearing is the best, right now.
i have to admit there's room for little else in my life than shedding and shredding. burning will come later. i don't even feel fanatic, i just crave for a simpler life and airier surroundings.
a work collegue introduced me properly to marie kondo, and i'll say there's been no turning back. mainly because i was and am so ready to rid my life of excess that stands in the way of moving forwards.
now that i work fulltime too, i have to be careful about priorities. i'm still adjusting so i won't be professing profound changes. what i do know already is that time is valuable and creativity is not happening.
maybe the creative side of things is mainly toting 'round my brains anyway, what with the house clearance? it's scary sometimes, you know, to be throwing out stuff i thought was going to stay with me. 
it's the most powerful tool of all : "do you like what you have ({holding in your hand}?" if not, out with it. as simple as that. but i'll also say that i needed to find myself in this exact stage, to be able to do it. 
i've been restless for too long. i've been looking high and low, and isn't it ironic to be finding the solution right under my nose? who knows what'll happen next? enjoy your week ahead! ♥


  1. thank you for introducing me to marie kondo too! <3

  2. So sorry to hear about your brother! Praying for your family!