title to this one escapes me {renov #16}

i was thinking, as both my brothers and their respective wifes unloaded four carloads of boxes and things; it's been a while since i've stood on the unloading quay. and it's all yet another event that is now going to sit and wait. you see. much to your surprise maybe, i have no downstairs floor yet. we live on the second floor, and use the middle floor for pivoting around ourselves. it is a balanced fact that these exercises as much lead to disaster as to delight, but let's stick to the latter.
i was wondering, if i translated this boxing pattern to a graphic design, it might be a hit! since i've outgrown the pattern through overload, i might as well squeeze something cheerful out of it? and if i just have a squint at all that has freshly arrived, it might not actually be here (to be moved up and outside and wherever it can go, when the downstairs concrete floor will be poured, from entrance hall to back garden steps, included. somewhere in may)!
you see. that's where i'm at. i've finally managed to clear out and clean up my temporary sleeping area (notice i'm not speaking of bedroom - i am still stripping and plastering that one - more mystery on wallpaper coming soon). 
but i am of course overwhelmed by the rediscovery of these. gee, my fingers are itching. this renovbusiness ain't over yet. as sister-in-law 1 pointed out 'consider this : your life will be so different in twelve months time!', to which sister-in-law 2 nodded vehemently, 'tis one way of keeping the spirits up. darlings!


  1. good luck with the reno it can seem like a prison sentence but final freedom is sweet :)

  2. Leave it to YOU to make a beautiful design out of moving boxes! I was looking at your header before I read this post, and I called out to my daughter, "Woolfenbell has a photo of shoe boxes in her header!" And you know what? It IS pretty!

    I admire your patience with the whole process... and your room looks cosy, even unfinished!