computer says no

with notebook-dear on the blink, it's off to the factory for her, poor thing! i miss her already. i hope the feeling is mutual, and may she whisper sweet nothings in repairer's ear, also to SAVE all files on her hard drive, which recently haven't been backed up at all. ☻
more fool me. yes. i have to live with myself.

a lot of needful zen has aired our rooms these past few days. at least in our library-to-be, zen has found himself on solid {grey oak} grounds.
thus we're living the best of times, the worst of times. we're trying to make do.
i hope digital peace returns before long. and i am SO sorry not to be in touch for now. ♥


  1. My dearest woolfy Nadeschda,
    sometimes even 'Little Britain' has a deeper-seated reason...

    I cross my finders that in the end digital peace will return. Maybe now you have much more time for zen with renovation.

    And you are in my heart... see you later, honey.
    x Ariane.

  2. Sorry to hear of your computer woes. Zach is constantly backing up my hard drive, if it wasn't for him it wouldn't get done!
    That broken pot has the look of an open rose. The oak tree is a favorite of mine. There are oaks all over New Orleans and they are pollenating now. They have turned a brush of yellow and yellow dust is all over my car!
    Take care and enjoy the zen library...

  3. Kind wishes for a speedy recovery for her....

  4. I also hope that the internet works again soon.

    See you ... soon!:)

  5. Ommmm...forced back to the roots means slowing down and winnig TIME. Yes! Well, aren't we the generation of pre-computer-stone-age? How was it then? I nearly don't remember, instead I was glad to meet my (thinnest) nerves when my computer left me twice, taking lots of data along. The first days of my computer time-out felt like cold turkey (at least I guess), but then, after acclimatisation, I realised and began to enjoyed all that sparetime...however, I hope you'll be back soon (ego-me!) and your lost files, too! ;o)
    Have my fingers crossed for the laptop whisperer to succeed!

  6. Oh no! That would be a nightmare for me - so, have I been diligent with backing up? Noooo!
    Hope you get all your files, and you computer back soon. Baci.

    1. cheers, francesca. i meant to write to you, to tell you how delighted i am you do not forget about the lasagna, and please, please, please! back up! now!!
      love your profile pic. is it summer over at yours? you lucky bird! ;)))
      will be in and out of all of this.... probably mostly out.
      april should help lift the off line clouds.
      i'll live. promise.

  7. I am as fool as you are ( and probably even more fool ) on those kind of things...
    I hope it gets better soon ; )

  8. Your floor was very peaceful indeed! Hope you are online again the meantime, I'll take in these wonderful photos xo

  9. Oh goodness, I hope your notebook isn't away for too long ... it's awful when you lose work. I had to face that not too long ago when my old laptop died ... I'll only make that mistake once.

    PS. Your lovely parcel has arrived ... you spoil me so. I shall have to prepare a blog post in celebration. xx

  10. hope it´s quick and painless. ;)
    big hugs!

  11. good luck for your beloved notebook!! and for you! x mano

  12. hope you manage to get your notebook and files back in good order :)

  13. Dear woolfy Nadeschda,
    if computer says YES, would you please join our drawing challenge? I'm the host and CONNECTION is the theme...


  14. uh-oh. i think i'll go back up some files, now...

  15. dear woolf, yes, I made the little boxes. it is a project I started in january 2012 and I'll make each day of the year one of these boxes. if you like to see all:
    I'm very happy you like them!! and sorry for my lousy english ; )