which is a splendid thing + drawing | blanket

i let him wrap up the book. he asked me, i let him. i looked at him, and he smiled. then he turned round and set off working. a few customers came in and he greeted them. i appreciated his consideration, being a customer myself. i felt warm and fuzzy over his eagerness. 

turning towards me again, he offered me the neatly covered book. i almost told him he'd wrapped it up for my eyes only, and he would most probably have apprehended, but i  held back. none of his business, after all. this happened in the international home of cooking, next the dominican hotel, brussels, where i met tzivia last summer. 

all this, to state i'm rather occupied with cooking lately, and i guess i'm brooding. hatching almost. not yet! first two walls and four floors need to be done. in the coming week and weeks. which means i may not be around like usual. which means i will miss you all. which means... ha! we're heading towards a more consolidated ground level floor. which is a splendid thing, really. 
{litchi jelly & natural yoghurt}

on the train home, i started drawing lines. lines to a blanket. 
can you feel it, the soft yarn scratching your chin, body heat captured under the dense wool... 
greta chose a terrific theme for late winter. we still need our blanket, from time to time, to huddle up in, to cosy up to, to dream away under...
incidentally, one of the most amazing after researches so far on google images for me ... be-dazzling!


  1. your writing is cuptivating. and your blanket looks warm and very very Scottish... I like that you know : )

    nobody invited me in this challenge : (

    enjoy your weekend dear Nadine!

    1. oh, demie... do you think you could rustle up something as yet?
      we've actually only recently been introducing this invitation style, and i can imagine not everyone of us holds a list of possible participants. it is safe to go check by the last challenger, or even in comments, to try and find out the new theme (yes! it is a bit of a riddle, some weeks - all in tune with alice; ahem), and ariane is keeping her long short list on her blog, of course.

      yes. you enjoy your weekend too, perhaps under your own cozy blanket and with a few good reads at hand?

    2. serendipity indeed my friend : )
      I 'll try to be more Alice like from next week ; )

      love to you

  2. My dear woolfy braveheart...
    litchi jelly... never taste that, gourmet Nadeschda!
    Of course I can feel the soft wool, capturing heat of body of your pretty blanket. I love that. Feeling safe, covered. Bounded in a good way.

    Love to you... and I will miss you, I do already.

  3. Oh how I wish I could help...I need a project stuck in my little snow bank...with my mr. moose who wont play cards with me let alone have a cup of coffee!!!

  4. I keep saying I'm going to make my own yogurt but I've never done it, and there you are, making all these gourmet things! (This just confirms my theory that time is different in Belgium!)

    Also, I've been longing for a nice bookshop where they wrap the books up nicely like that. Around here it's all just business, business. No finer touches like sweetly wrapping a book (especially if it's "just" for me (you) ) ...

    Anyway, who knew there was such a store next to "my" hotel in Brussels. Seeing that reference just makes me miss you :)

  5. I would be chuffed to have a purchase so nicley wrapped. Chuffed and surprised. Usually here, you have to spend a. lot. of money to justify complimentary gift wrapping. And nearly always it is so ugly and crudely done you have to wrap it again yourself anyway. Sometimes I buy a little trinket on the run and need it gift wrapped, you should see the faces when I ask! And the resentment in their actions while they're wrapping.

    I would like to be wrapped up in your tartan blanket Woolfy (when we start getting some cooler weather x

  6. Homemade yogurt is the best! Can't wait for your egg to hatch either, what a relief and more efficient. This tartan is so professionally illustrated!!!

  7. my dear Woolfy

    for the first time no smile after reading
    this time you moved me with your words
    maybe it's because I like wrapping up books
    especially a fine cookbook
    a present for me, covered in a paper blanket
    and maybe it is because you will be missed
    but hey! there will be a ground floor!
    besides all that I like your blanket
    all those colors and that Google-found is amazing
    I was thinking of weaving a little blanket
    but no time, so only pictures

    happy weekend!

  8. oh yes indeed! i can feel that soft yet scratchy ethereal wool!
    I think Spring is on her way even if it doesn't look like it on the outside...you brooding and I fighting the urge to bring home a load of baby animals..goats and lambies in particular...and all this talk about blankets makes me think of babies babies babies!
    i like your mysterious shopkeeper tale too!

  9. Wow, amazing pattern! I can nearly feel how you turned paper into fabric! Warm and cozy colours, too. Hope you're fine, Dear, send you lots of energy for working on you your walls and floors! If this is done, your construction site will have turned into real rooms, you'll see! Good luck!

  10. we will miss you, too... but how wonderful to have your home that much more complete!

  11. what a nice story. hope you'll get to use your book soon in your new kitchen. back.

  12. ok what do i like best? the sweet story in the bookstore, the litchi jelly, or the tartan!!!!!

    happy nesting/home improving! see you after!?