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fittingly, in the background, i let run ACORN ANTIQUES, as i was doing this week's drawing. whilest being a veritable blast from the past, the sitcom works equally well as an audio play. part of victoria wood's 1985 satirical television shows, the extraordinary characters in the english antiques shop charm me today as they did many years ago, all while assuming people don't change much and humour is timeless. unless they'd become ghosts, disappearing behind a street corner. norma invites us to a well and true hallowe'en gathering.

garbed figure disappearing behind the corner of ghost street


  1. and here's me struggling with stick figures!

    I have not heard of Acorn Antiques, although the name Victoria Wood rings a bell (did she draw cartoons of funny, fat ladies?) I did however catch an episode of Miranda last night. Very funny. I thought of you while I watched it.

    pssst we are childless tonight! HOORAY!!!


  2. Something Japanese in your beautiful illustration ;)

  3. I love it, very spooky, but not obvious!

  4. very nice and timeless drawing!
    Do the streets of your house look like this maybe?
    I love the pictures and homestory of your last post.
    x Stefanie

  5. I'm in love with this color combination AND the patterning here Nadine. It does look Japanese in feel. This is certainly an illustration in a book. The details are not obvious but there. Love the grate in the roadway, and the grate surrounding the tree. Those are one of my most favorite things on earth...iron grates that are round and have a hole in them to make way for the trunk, but the rest surrounding it to protect the precious roots. I have seen HUGE ones somewhere. Pinterest maybe. Your drawing book is developing into a treasure trove of 'line.' Happy Halloween to you and yours...*hugs* Norma

  6. Serenely beautiful drawing... quite lovely. I have never been able to make such clear illustrations, you do inspire me to slow down a little. It makes me think of dream landscapes... x

  7. Hi, Nadine - great drawing, puts me in mind of one of my favorite Halloween-ish illustrators, Edward Gorey. Happy Halloween! -sus

  8. Ghost street!!!!

    loving that pavement.....then I noticed the ghost. Very nice drawings loving those new patterns that you are getting into ;)

    Have a great week hope the house is behaving itself.

    Helen x

  9. I begin to sound like a broken record, but I really like your recent drawings, and this is brilliant and beautiful - nice window, have they been in your mind recently? :)

  10. Mrs. Overall... hahahah,
    dearest Nadeschda,
    fittingly ;)
    Apropos, the new eyes for your house are great!

    Love your drawing, that different patterns, beautiful! 'Ghost st.', those footsteps, gully... all the details makes pour drawing so lively... or must I say 'undead'?

    Love to you
    x Ariane.

  11. Wonderful drawing...I thought about the ghost in dressing gown and little clogs...made me laugh. Have a wonderful week!

  12. must be a window in it, musn't it;), love your 'tweed' windowsill, the way the middle of the page acts as a drainpipe and than that ghost hurrying to another street, hihi, lovely imagination, xx

  13. your hidden ghost is very interesting - so little steps, but such a large coat... who is it? ;-) I love ghost street - your drawing ist wonderful! mano