drawing | leaf {reprise}

drawing challenge | leaf {rerpise}
don't leaf leave it till later
read more. do 

if quality paper is made of cotton pulp and trusted trees, and while trees breathe through their leaves; if you find yourself leafing through books and magazines and other leaflets on a somewhat daily basis, ...  can i have the wordy leaf count for this week's challenge then?  
miss herzfrisch shows us what a leaf can do... 


  1. Where does all your creativity come from.....I'm always amazed!

  2. the way you describe it, it certainly counts!
    what an great image!! love it!

  3. I love it, it's wonderful! The drawing, the words, everything together, really nice! I wish you a nice weekend!

  4. a refreshing look on this week's theme and a plea for books and reading in one go, love it!xx

  5. Haaach, liebste Nadeschda,
    I've been all agog with curiosity... what can come after your fantastic leaf from the 10th of October here?!
    The shape is similar... and this option of leaves' are even great, too!


  6. you made me smiling
    and totally happy!
    oh yeah!!!!

  7. Thank you for the great tip about the vegan-blog I did'nt know it, I love it!!!

  8. Loved this! Quite creative and the English teacher in me loves and agrees with the message.
    I wandered into the others' blogs on leaves and ended up spening quite a bit of time exploring one I found through a back door. Asounding still to me, what all is out there and how creative many women manage to me while handling jobs, homes, and families.
    Made me long for my own creative spot too.

  9. Nadine I cannot express how the roaring fire appeals. It is one of life's pleasures I think; never mind the ritural/symbolic/idea/ under it. I've got my marshmallows lined up waiting for their turn under the flame (in my imagination that is!) Your graphic drawing is so clever. It opens where the journal book itself opens. And the checkered binding is exactly like a binding is and is kind of a mirror reflection of where the binding is. Oh forgive me I can't multi-task like I once was able to; right now while I'm talking to you, I'm listening to a comedy on BBC4 on a live stream. Those Brits are nuts. Funny nuts. How is it that a whole populace can be so utterly ridiculously funny? Anyway, I love this drawing. Your art journal is filling with a bevy of unique and interesting images. Awesome. Hugs, Norma, x

  10. You and I do think alike...I too was thinking books but I love your incarnation so much more than the idea that I had. This is a wonderful illustration Nads when are these going to make it out of your journals and into some other form? Have a fabulouso weekend my friend

    Helen x

  11. Clever clever, Witty Woolf! Best wishes from in front of my roaring fire. xxoo, sus

  12. Hi Nadine, I've missed you and your clever posts of beauty!
    A roaring fire sounds so much better than the forced air furnace we had to turn on today.
    Happy week to you, my friend. xo Carole

  13. your drawing leaves me speechless...
    ;-) mano

  14. so beautiful! and creative. goodmorning sunday!

  15. wonderful thought process ;)
    the image reminds me of the gorgeous tinctory necklaces ........ http://www.flickr.com/photos/tinctory/5101540485/in/set-72157623541339425/

    and a new wolf too....!

    1. cheers, and yes! absolutely! now you're naming it, of course!
      blimey, i hadn't a clue.
      oh, tinctory! right...

  16. The wonderful thing with you is, that you always coming up with a very special idea, nice to look at and always thoughtful. Thank you.

  17. I never thought of the combination of leave and leafs. I German we have the same word for leafs and sheets, what let me see your wonderful drawing in another way.
    Thank you for participating

  18. Magnificent..you are so amazing! beautiful!!

  19. Wonderful post! So beautiful and imaginative. Love it!

  20. this is beautiful ! i love it !

  21. where have I been?! Taking a break I suppose.
    I am sorry I missed this drawing challenge.
    Your book and it's leafy pages are divine! So much movement and those swirls, oh my!
    And congrats on your new window!! All the pieces are fitting...