corner view ≈ energy

E for energy and the eels, tonight
i am fascinated by letters, have been brainstorming on a alphabet for quite awhile. so far i have a W, and now an E. that makes WE, and full of energy... to draw another 24 .... ☻. jane's corner view, francesca's hosting, ale's theme. 
legend: earth, wind {currents}, water, fire {burning}. fifth element = human, in this case °jetsons rosie-on-wheels inspired.


  1. Hi, der Woolfs, this Looks superb and I can't weit to See how the B will Look like. Have a nice an alphabetischen da. Barbara

  2. wonderful! could you send some (energy) over? and have a nice day!

  3. gorgeous looking letters :)

  4. "we" is a perfect beginning for your alphabet project!

  5. WE
    is a perfect start!

    dear you
    are you in?
    for this week's dc
    I am the host
    I think you will like the theme


  6. The E looks great. And WE is always good. :D

    Happy day!

  7. I love your E too! It has a lovely old-world wood-cutty sort of feel to it. Delicious. E - for energy. And you seem to have that in abundance Nadine :-)

  8. Great E! I say you should do "H" next :-)

  9. Love your E too!!
    Perfectly energizing!
    Guess what my favorite letter is? ♡J

  10. PS I hope you don`t mind I`ve been borrowing your line of CV credits and pasting it in my post.
    (jane's corner view, francesca's hosting, ale's theme)
    You have it compacted so nicely, feel free to borrow something of mine, I owe U:))

  11. the jetsons! i used to love that show :)

    love this energizing image...

  12. your art work is fabulous! i am always inspired to do more of my own when i see yours!

  13. really amazing,
    your creativity!
    thank you for sharing. have a sweet day.

  14. beautiful! and something so energizing about having a project ahead of you... i'm always a bit sad when i finish a project, or a book... but then remind myself i can start on ANOTHER one!
    I'm with Heather, make H next so we can have Wheeeee! :)

  15. it's a beautiful thing - seeing your alphabet and your drawing habit grow! time well spent for both of us i think!

  16. Oh my such gorgeous energy. Lovely work... i too love the look of letters, and how they look lined up together. Your E .... gorgeous!

  17. I love letters too and draw many of them I love this E of course such graphic effect with the black ink and pattern very nice indeed. :)

    Have a good weekend!

    Helen x

  18. Love your E for energy,
    dearest Nadeschda,
    and of course that WE in your mind :)
    Fabulous drawing.

    x Ariane.