an ode ...

... to friends, to relatives, to family; gone, past and still here today. i'm not coming back yet, i'm taking stock. call this a good, old plain interlude. below is where i come from. {i'll admit, there're gaps}. where to... who knows. .. you could put this on in another window. 

no words spent, no hovering this time. sentimental days are here in these digitalized {perhaps even unwanted} exposures, consider my enthusiasm a wayward tweet. {if you find yourself on a photo below, and you don't want it, send me a note.}



  1. gewoonweg schitterend ... memories

  2. Lovely, amazing, beautiful, funny... life... I like your "break"

  3. You are so beautiful Momma.....I'm sure that was you in this collage making a guest appearance now and then.....loved it!
    enjoy your break but do come back soon! Heidi

  4. Dear Nadeschda,
    love your canded and honest removal of the past.
    Love, love to you! be it as small girl or woman.

    x Ariane.

    P.S. May I copy the self portrait top right?

  5. Thank you for sharing.
    Much love, Carole

  6. no worries, i'm not in there :) but you know, i think you look a lot like me - honestly!
    beautiful, and I want to know more about you, in photos or words.

  7. lieve Nadine
    wat een prachtig, persoonlijk en roerende post
    emotioneel en hier en daar zo herkenbaar
    je raakt me hermee diep in mijn hart
    en ik vind het heel fijn dat we elkaar
    hebben ontmoet, waardoor ik je ook
    pratend en bewegend in mijn hoofd erbij zie

    dikke kus!
    met armen (zoals onze jongste vroeger zei)

  8. lieve, ik kon niet meteen reageren toen ik je post gisteren zag,
    nogal indrukwekkend op één of andere manier of aangrijpend is misschien een beter woord
    jaren in foto's, veel beweging en warmte, het opgroeien van je zoon
    en die ogen van dat meisje dat jij was en bent, mooi
    veel liefs xx

  9. WONDERFUL. I really love it and it perfectly resonates to my this years 365 days collage Project (365 ways of memories) - sisters in mind.
    I've been sick, so like to apologize for me beeing to quite and say a quick BIG TANK You and a letter will follow soon.
    Stay well, Barbara

  10. what a wonderful ode, dear nadine! I love the both portraits of you, you look happy! :)) mano

  11. Wonderful
    I played the song and felt the rawness of emotion with your story unfolding before is also comforting to see that it is okay to open up to unfold to reveal even here.

    There is a liberation and I hope it was for you Miss Nadine

    Thanks for sharing

    Helen x

  12. oh my dear, I have tears in my eyes now... watching pictures of your life, pictures of someone´s life... I don´t know you but I do... I like your face... feels good... me, I m not on a photo but I would not mind ;)
    x Stefanie

  13. Jeetje Nadine, om dit zo te zien...zo persoonlijk. Mij roert het ook om zo een stukje van je leven te zien. Vind het dapper en tegelijkertijd doet het je misschien ook goed. Mooi...dit is ook breekbaar :-))
    Het is fijn dat ik je heb ontmoet...dat is van nu.

    Heel veel liefs van mij xxx Ingrid

  14. What an amazing interlude...seems you took us, took me!, by the hand and on a journey through your life, from past into present. Always an adventure to see people changing and staying themselves at the same time. And funny to look at some of your pictures and somehow recognise myself, my own stages of growing in them!! Strange thing! Of course I love the black-and-white ones from the beginning - far away times - and it was such a surprise to suddenly look into your child face! Thanks for taking me along! I'm not in the pictures, but it would be a pleasure!

  15. A great tribute to life, change and flowing of time, your story, our story, with goods and bads, with loved ones, with memories. It's all there, it's all here in our hearts, it's ready to go forward, toward the future, holding surprises, and those little sparkles that are brief but are all what this journey is about. Hope you are fine, sending hugs. G ;-)

  16. hello little woolf! lots of lovely sharing! your life has just passed before my eyes! (love the 80's bananarama look!)

    continue you to enjoy your well-deserved break - i know about the pleasures of magazine piles - trying to get back to my own somehow!

  17. Happy Birthday, dearest Nadeschda!
    Come and have a look...

    xo Ariane.

  18. Happy Birthday but there seems to be a gift here for me! Thank you for sharing bits and pieces of your life here, very generous xo I teared up on this lonely night with baby and hubby fast asleep. It was a wonderful moment for me to see all these images ....each person's life touches so many others in so many ways. Again, Happiest of Birthdays!!! love love love

  19. well, seems everybody in the blogger world knows about your birthday today
    so here are my wishes have a good day enjoy your time
    x Stefanie

  20. Happy Birthday to you dear, Nadine! xo

  21. Hey I saw the words Happy Birthday everywhere!!!???? and then I came to say Happy Birthday to you!!!

  22. Happy...happier...HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY, my dear!!!
    Nearly missed your jubilee day, luckily there had been many others telling about in www, so here's my big hug, too!
    Here...and on my blog. :o)
    ♥dikke kussen, haha, nee, veel kusjes!♥

  23. What a great album! I love looking at photographs! Hope 2013 is treating you well!

  24. Oh, I understand you have had your birthday! Congratulations! I also understand that you are taking a break; I really hope you will be back. I love your blog.
    And also, thank you for the great photo collage. Everything nice I wish for you

    Love, Lise

  25. Dear Nadine,

    Happy birthday!!! wishing you wonderful, happy, full of joy time...:-)
    Enjoy your break...
    and what an amazing album! beautiful to see.....

  26. Happy Birthday!
    Thanks for inviting us in to your break.

  27. PS I`m still here.
    Somehow it feels like what you are doing is what we are all doing.
    And it helps that you are expressing it.
    Your healing is our healing.
    And ours is yours.
    Thank you Nadine for being you and for all your scrutinizing and peeling away and restoring and beautifying and revealing!

    1. guess what? i am online in between your first and second message...
      i so agree.


  28. happy birthday woolfie!
    i see 100% life well loved in your pictures.
    xo milady

  29. happy birtday and thank you for this post, I loved this tour back in time and with you!

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