hello 2013

"may the blank book for this new year 
be filled with the names of 
all the people you love"

words spoken by conductor dessislava stefanova (left) at the end of a concert, given by the london bulgarian choir, at the national gallery on dec 14th, 2012 in london, uk. i cried at the sound of this music. i cried tears of pure joy. *h*a*p*p*y*n*e*w*y*e*a*r*


  1. Happy New Year Momma....cheers to finishing your home! love Heidi

  2. happy new year to you and your family!


  3. Thank you for bringing us in to the year with such grace and beauty in the music and your spirit!!
    And its from London, land of love!
    Cheers to a wonder-full 2013!
    Happy New Year ! ♡

  4. such beauty to start the year with, heaven and earth,
    have a great year Woolfie!! xx

  5. Oh the music I listen to on your site! Thank you for broadening my world--beautiful!
    Happy 2013 to you too!

  6. happy new year Nadine ... and thank you so much for this music. it's so beautiful :)

  7. I wish I could hear this Woolfy. No sound on this computer. I have a new one, but (and I know you'll totally get this) it's still in its box! I will return and listen, and be moved like you I'm sure, when it's/I'm plugged in.
    Happy new year, I HOPE it's a GOODY!

    p.s. YOU are on my list (in the blank book) x

  8. Hurray for 2013! Blessings on this second day, xxoo

  9. Happy New Year! and thank you for this - it's so lovely! Let's hope 2013 is full of blank books to fill :)