exit 2012

{this photo was taken on a commuter into london bridge railway station. as the train neared the platform it got held up by traffic and as i gazed outside at that monster of a building called the shard, i noticed graffiti on a steel girder outside my window. so! my family was here. ☻}

here's looking at 2012, waving it bye-bye, not to ever return again. 2013 will hold new adventures and a life closer to our goal: getting this house fully functional. by which i also mean: get my studio back on the road. or rather: front room, first floor. 
last update to london, 2012 here


  1. those wolves, they're everywhere!

  2. i love people who notice... the world around them and the signs snuggled in amongst everything either by chance, or something more knowing(?)

    here's to stepping into the new year with optimism, creativity and an ever open heart!

    best wishes to you and yours as we approach the threshold of 2013!


  3. vandaag kwam de post
    met een verrassing
    dankjewel lieve Nadine!
    tot ziens in 2013!!

    Patrice A.

    wat breng jij me op ideeën
    met al die fijne woorden

  4. You really are in constant dialogue with the world around you Nadine,
    its wonderful how you get such clearly spelled out messages from the universe,
    of course because as we know you are so open to the world around you as it opens up in return, or vice versa!
    The Wolves grafitti looks as though it could have come out of a drawing from your sketchbook.
    No wonder dreams in sync are so possible with you!
    Happy day, good night from here! ♡

  5. And yes, pretty soon goodbye to 2012! Writing Nen-ga-jo tonite until late!
    (Japanese tradition of New Years postcards)♡

  6. I just have this feeling that 2013 is going to be amazing.

  7. Wow, I see that your family is riding the rails, Kers! ♥ Best graffiti yet, just for yous!

  8. AWWWWW that "never to return again" is what has always made me sad since I was a little girl about the night of the 31st. I was getting use to it but now with baby....time is even more marked :) Happy New Year! xo

  9. Didn't meet any wolves in London, but I'll never forget coming across a lively fox in the center of London town by night!! It was a really strange meeting, which luckily took place in presence of some friends, so it was definitely no fata morgana, or, if it yet was, we all had the same at least... ;-))
    Looking forward for 2013! Curious, what adventures are going to happen then! :-)

  10. i love that your family was there to greet you when you arrived in london ;)

    i am wishing you a new year filled with all things bright and beautiful, all things great and small, and all things wise and wonderful...

  11. I keep (nice) wolves in mind for 2013 and wish you a happy new year!!

  12. Dear Nadine, I wish you and your son a good,happy healty and finished home in 2013!!!

    xxxx Ingrid.

  13. good luck with your plans, and may 2013 be greater than any dream.