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drawing challenge 1-2/12/2012 - state of mind

there are times my mind wades. i dare evade, but i'm not telling secrets neither. 
this theme just begged for a state to be created. therefore, this is the umpteenth. 
i've let myself be inspired by matt johnson's tune of the  '51st state', which explains the heart shape. 
if you wonder, go listen. ignore the politics, delight in stellar lyrics... 
garnapa, aka elisabeth is back. here


  1. oh, this is beautiful! I love the blue. Bright colors, dynamic.
    This could become my favorite of your drawings - the longer I look at it.
    But I am not allowed to listen to this song in Germany.
    (Ha, now Harry Belafonte came to visit my inner ear "there is an island in the sun... nanana")
    x Stefanie

  2. Nadine!
    ik vind het prachtig!!!
    het doet me denken aan het fantastische boek
    'Atlas van de Belevingswereld', ken je dat?
    we hebben daar verschillende 'landkaarten' van
    je tekening maakt me stil
    County of Clarity, daar zou ik wel willen zijn
    en dan beklim ik later Hope Ridge
    uitkijkend over County of Mist

    en een heel fijn weekend
    Patrice A.

    (sorry, geen zin in Engels vandaag
    dat wat ik wilde zeggen is zoveel makkelijker
    in het Nederlands)


  3. Haha, I want to go there! I'd hang out in the capital mostly. Maybe take some days off in county of clarity and county of soul. Maybe I'd even move there one day. It's this state or Nirvana I will dream of tonight.

    And also, dear Nadine, I am hereby declaring my participation in next week's challenge. Rumour has it you're being the host. So now: I'm awaiting your theme...

    Love, E.

  4. My dear i know that state (but you drew me a gorgeous map of it), i travelled it many times, sometimes in just a day, i kow my favourite spots now, so it's there i try to hang out a bit longer ;)
    love this! xx

  5. Wow! This is the state I'm longing for! A heartshaped land with a capital of love!
    Very well done, Miss tinyWoolf, I just love that idea and the painting that came out!
    (And the song, too, leaves me whistling and tapping my feet...)
    Best wishes from the maze (calling for a holiday in the county of clarity...)

  6. This is awesome! clever, funny and true! I believe I've visited these cities many times!
    Always a joy to see what you come up with :)

  7. Hope ridge...I am there! the little archipelago would be my getaway. hearts!

  8. Hi, Woolfy - I want to move to the top of Hope Ridge, where the view is amazing, I am sure! xxoo, sus

  9. I love this Nads!!!!
    such a great image...... such a clever idea....I like that it has a very prominent ridge of hope. I think Id live there with weekend trips into county of Clarity.


    Helen down under and then some!

  10. oh, I love your state! I wanna go to lake county now!
    :-) mano

  11. Matt Johnson of The The? Dearest Nadeschda, you mean Heartland?!
    This band was my accomponist of my time of melancholia (when my State of Mind didn't changes so fast...), sigh.
    Oh, how wonderful your State of Mind is! This drawing tells the truth and is wise and full of humor, Lady! Thank you very much.

    x Ariane.

    1. yes!
      that matt johnson.
      so...... i wasn't the only melancholic lost-at-sea, was i? ;)))

  12. how clever to make your own state of mind!

  13. Your cactus is beautiful......frame worthy Momma.....do you have your tree up yet? take care, Heidi

    1. naaaahhhhh.
      i hope for it though.
      plenty o' plans, as usual.
      would LOVE to place a moose underneath too.
      how 'bout it? save one for me?