serendipity, prt II {or, a flemish scenery at work}

geraardsbergen, the boelare barony, old age residence, park ruin detail

these cyberspace musings earlier on this week! a certain state of mind and serendipity do make one wonder and wander about one's own comportment and actions, towards oneself and in relation to others. i've taken the comments to all of these very much at heart and find indeed there is gravitation between the lightness of being, and the precision of it. it is a balancing act of sorts, a decisive juggle of how am i going to provide for my next of kin, all while staying resaonably sane? how am i going to be creative in a material world? how will i maintain being {triple!} aquarian in a sea filled with oil and grime? 

dark waters in a tub, on my winter's wanders

of course i float! i think i float a few times a day. if i haven't yet by nightfall, then serendipity will throw me back into the foam, and gently remind me of that other aim: live luxurously, think of others. the luxury in life being, maintaining a sensible health and realising i've the chance of directing it; holding, loving and keeping {and the fingers crossed, of course} a job besides living a tintillating creative sejourn which keeps me very sane on a daily basis, my inner sanity coming from outer creative display and worldly feed back; my outer sanity seeding from inner creative turmoil, which pops up, regardless.

my favourite flying-off-the-handle spot

yes! i love accuracy. i swear by it, even if at times in the proverbial way, and then some. i lose patience, softly but boisterously and usually in wide open fields. up to now, nobody ever scuffed me on that. i am careful to go crazy with exactement zero spectators (unless the birds, ...). i need that handle to fly off from, it is often the release i need to go back in the ring, to put those gloves back on, either to create or to work at the desk, serving customers. yes, there is a daily balancing act like that, as for all of us, i'm sure. i sometimes snicker at people living close to me. i especially appreciate when they nod their heads, without speaking. it's the most meaningful gesture. ☻ as usual, there's more to wintery flemish landscapes...


  1. Good morning Nadine

    I am drinking some tea and reading you right now, getting all philosophical
    ( but I already knew you are that) and I like it and " i lose patience, softly but boisterously and usually in wide open fields" too but often with more audience than the birds- I need to do something about that.

    I'll go clean my house now with my head full of thoughts.
    It'll be a good day

    1. It's really a rich word! You gave us the proof ;)

      I keep the idea "staying resaonably sane"...

      Have a beautiful day.

  2. Dear Nadeschda,
    its a serendipity for me, for us, that you always take your camera with you... and that you speak/write to us... that you share with us that jewels. Thank you very much, dear. I enjoy the winter wonder wander very much... baronie chapel!

    x Ariane
    I nod my head, without speaking now.

  3. that's what these are wintry flemish landscapes, recognizable and beautifully captured has played a role in my life so many times that it became something like a fixed value, x

  4. The middle section looks like a creed that could be framed in large font for you to see every day.