a jingle

last year's christmas window stickers left a pleasing negative mark on the glass, before i washed it away in new year's enthusiasm. luckily i had my camera at hand to mark the occasion. this year we are flattered with rain. nonetheless i shall put on my boots today, and i'm only too sorry i can't take cat with me, at heel. a christmas day walk is imminent, followed by afternoon reading. gimme christmas any day of the year!
and a merry one to you all.


  1. Merry Christmas!
    Dear Nads
    I hope you have a lovely christmas full of cheer and a few pressies and good things to eat and drink.
    My day is nearing an end and soon I will toddle off to bed for some much needed sleep.
    I love the pic by the way.

    Enjoy your walk

    Helen x

  2. my dear woolfi, merry, fun and relaxing christmas!! love julia

  3. happy christmas old dear! sorry i'm late to your london chrimbley party! you got home quick! lovely images - i missed being there this year.....and you captured so well those shambolic moments of english "muddling thru" in your posts about the greenwich fan museum and service at the putney hotel. today i will come back and savor these, in between little shots of joyce carol oates. xoxo hope your xmas walk was nice even sans chat!

  4. Merry Christmas and nice to meet you too!
    We have also a habit of a christmas walk. This year we so lucky, the lake near by had a thick ice on and we enjoyed for a long tour in the wide whiteness.

  5. A long walk on the frozen beach
    and reading by the wood stove
    All day
    While good smells wafted from my kitchen
    Happy day it was and hope the same was yours -sus

  6. this is so beautiful! Have a lovely new year!

  7. Merry Christmas and a very happy 2013!

  8. LOVE this image. (also the image of a walk and books on Christmas day...)

  9. May your days be full of Christmas for all 12 days! xo Carole

  10. Happy Sixth Day of Christmas!!!!!!!!!!! I love your photo, like a Christmas card!

  11. When we bought our house, the former habitants left us an angel like that on the windows. Now after ten years, the angel is still there... Since Christmas is over yet I wish you the best for 2013.