drawing challenge NEW THEME : cactus

taken from a vintage artis-historia book on cacti
once upon a time i was in search of a book on cacti. because i quickly understood tinyWOOLF was looking for no less than her aim, i found myself in a pickle. i figured i had time though; in fact, time a-plenty. 
months passed. 
ironically in that passing of time, i heard jacques dutronc* sing a couple of times his vision on cacti. coincidence is fickle {and I LOVE IT}. * please, don't go sit on a cactus. ayayay! ooy!

golden letter press on hard back outside book cover
much to my surprise, in fact, baffling me, the book that i had been hankering for, fell into my lap one god-forlorn-morn'. i lifted it blindly into my basket and back home, stowed it into a removal box. for future reference, i told myself. 
the future has arrived. the book's tumbled out of the box, into next weekend's drawing challenge. careful! ayayay! ooy! cactus, okay? please join the list, mind the needles and pins. ☻
touching the cacti {ayayay! ooy!} this weekend: renilde, ariane, patrice, norma {how-could-you-not-after-such-a-wild-and-serendipitous-morning?}, emily, julia, tanïa, kim, stefanie, céline, sara {in reply: yes, you can!}, demie {maybe}, elisabeth, kristen, helen, carole, ... 


  1. sure sweetie, needles and pins, why not, now you made me remember one of my late grandmothers, she used to decorate a cactus for christmas and placed a paper-grotto-crib beside it,very exotic x

  2. Oh, Hon, dearest Nadeschda,
    I think I have to learn to love cacti... ayayay! ooy!
    That picture up there, is it an embroidery... golden thread on green velvet? I LOVE IT!
    So... I am in.

    x Ariane.

    1. wow, great observation, but i have to admit it is just gold press on the outside of aforementioned book... inspiring, i agree!
      who am i fooling? i'm not a cactus lover either, really not. i even let them dry out, so they die...! i'm a bad care taker. of cacti.
      but aren't they just fuzzily fascinating? ;)))

  3. cacti!
    there is one I like
    I can make something
    about that cactus
    I am in!


  4. Here's the thing...I am two weeks behind, but I am going to sign up anyway because this is what just happened...upon waking today, instead of jumping out of bed I just lay there for about an hour and one of the thoughts that drifted through my head was this: when I was about 12 years old I had a cactus sitting on the window sill in the kitchen and it was the flat kind with round shaped leaves with the spikes all over. I carefully scratched my name into the cactus and it formed a scar and grew along with the cactus. I don't know what ever happened to the cactus but I was thinking that it would be big by now. Fast forward an hour and I come to the machine to see what is what and I find you inviting me to a drawing challenge with the theme cactus. How could I not? See you soon, hugs, Norma, xo

  5. Yes please some cacti challenge. I am in for the prickly haul. xo thanks for your insights and cyber hugs on my dc last week, too.

  6. i was just admiring my own cactus this a.m., who are v. happier in the rain we've been having since i don't water them much!

    loved your map and the rosie-on-wheels reference earlier. when are you headed to the uk?

  7. oh what a theme!!!
    i have ONE cactus since many years, he belonged to the father someone i even didn't know.
    maybe thats the chance for him to get a little more attention, he looks very... poor and dry...
    so count me in my dear friend, xox julia
    ps. love your mind map!!

  8. Well I am a cactus lover - I think you know that already Woolfy (?)
    As you know, mine have been rewarding me (for all that neglect I lovingly give them! Ha!) with the most beautiful flowers. Giant water lillies. One of mine is twice as tall as I am!
    Did you know that when something has dies or stops working Aussies say it's cactus! (mate)?

    1. must remember that, kyl-{ie}.
      cactus, mate!
      not yet...
      hee hee.

  9. Ohlàlà, cactus, cacti (I didn't even know about that plural word!)...prickly thorny strange plant! It's funky young and sexy Jacques Dutronc that makes me swing on this theme. Two other musical associations came into my mind at once...maybe I'll show them. With my cactus. So I'm in!
    Good-night, dear!
    P.S.: I LOVE your cactus woolf header! Is that your contribution already? Great combination, would make a lovely fabric pattern!

  10. I love this theme.... enjoyed the post, and love your cacti covered wolf! By the way I saw two beautiful wolves a few days ago, standing majestically together on a small rise. They were so incredibly beautiful and powerful looking. Loved it! I will let you know later in the week if I am in or not. I love cacti and would love to join in, but not sure if I can or not..... will let you know. Have a great week!

  11. Hello again! Well you inspired me, and I sat down this evening and drew a cactus..... so I guess you can count me in!

  12. cactus cacti ok why not?
    the woolf in its new dress looks nice!
    I am in, thanks for the invitation,
    x Stefanie

  13. how funny that the first time I go online in days, I should find all these references to cacti! clearly, time i paid more attention to prickly things.
    have a look at some amazing images: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dortef/8242510078/ and http://web.stagram.com/n/aisforanika/
    PS love the cacti inspired banner :)

  14. Count me in! I love your new header; wolf in cactus-look! funny...

  15. oh this theme!
    i might actually join...
    but i can tell for sure it won't be by drawing,
    is that fine too???


  16. Hi dear you!
    How nice you recived the card - that was fast! I only posted it on Friday!
    about your theme, I love it, and the tiny woolf getting all cactusy but I am alone with the kids, its this time before Christmas when all Norwegians, not particularly social otherwise turn into a social frenzy AND my sons birthday party is due on Sunday...
    I think my answer to your lovely invitation is:
    maybe ;)

    big hug

  17. Oh, this one was really difficult. I am absolutely in, but at the moment totally clueless. Good exercise! :) See you this weekend.
    Love, E.

  18. thank you for the invitation ♥ super theme!

    i have a small cactus in my office. i bought it when my son came into puberty .... i wanted to learn to hug a cactus... ;o)

    winter ... i listen to the needs-inside ... for that i need time, my own rythmus. i hope you understand.

    i wish you much fun with the other wonderful ladies. ayayay! ooy!

  19. Thanks for the invite! I too am in- love cactus- so defensive and hearty and open to the sky :)

  20. late yet again still to post my state of mind (apologies to Kristen) but crazy crazy time of the year for me (hmmm now theres a hint if I ever saw one to my state of mind)......

    So a big YES to the CACTI and even though I will be late (its inevitable) I will join in please :)

    So to the cacti clad wolf I love it! and the stitched cactus I love it! and the song and illustration I love them too.

    Have a great day!

    Helen x


  21. I'll join this prickly challenge!

  22. I love this theme. I love your cactus wolf. but I'm so sorry - I can't prick this week...

  23. Thank you for challenging me! I have thought about it the whole week, but my head is quite emty of cacti. If something happened during night, I my change my mind. If not, I will stand by the sideline this time. Next time...