minding the gap

i'll be looking left, i'll be looking right. occasionally, i shall be looking both ways. i'll be going on many different lines. i shall not be pressing any buttons, which aren't for pressing. mainly though, i shall be minding my business and my camera. oh. and that gap. off to london at {long} last, in good company. ... ♥


  1. Oh how cool! That is if I'm interpreting this right and a time in London is imminent. Never been to London. Wish I could hop on a plane and join you; I have a feeling I'd see London in a quite unique way: Nadine style!;>)
    Enjoy and keep that camera finger busy!

  2. Oh, wow! Lucky you!! Have been to London in winter some time ago and loved it!
    Have a good time and bring along maaaaaany photos!
    See you soon! (Maybe in real...who knows?)

  3. camera, good company, London, must be a winning combination, enjoy Woolfie dear, xx

  4. Dear Nadeschda,
    so, LalalaLondon calling! I wish you a very good time... hope there is no clash between your companions camera and sketchbook :)

    x Ariane.

  5. I hope you have a wonderful time in London with your company and camera! Lucky you! xo

  6. nadine ... won't you have to look right ... and then left ???
    Hope you are having a great time there ... looking both ways :D