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drawing challenge 8-9/12/2012 - cactus
i've gone rather classic on this one: i have pulled a cactus from my childhood. i hated cacti, by the way. and by the time i had to clean the house for ma, now and again, i more than once got bitten by vile cacti, that would fall over and while trying to save the blasted buggers... yep! fingers full of cactus needles. but never mind! i am so happy with all of you playing along! here's to you! ♥


  1. good morning,
    so sorry for your childhood... but today we your nice drawing here!
    Thank you for the Funny theme, I love the chanson "des cactus",
    have a nice weekend
    x Stefanie

  2. I like your cacti,and all the dots on your page. I enjoyed the weeks challenge... thanks for hosting!

  3. I love your drawing, the way you use the colour green. Green is my favourite colour but I find it really hard to use, when I use it in paintings I always think its ugly... oohh: I love cacti!!!

  4. this space, really, it has the qualities of heaven and a 1/2,
    it's beautiful, truly enchanting by times, interesting , surprising and no matter the past your cactus even has a festive feel
    thanks for hosting, enjoy your weekend xx

  5. oh, oh, I hate cactus needles too! but your cactus is wonderful - and the cactus letters are great! have a beautiful weekend! :-) mano

  6. Dangerous and mean they are, sometimes...little diva plants that keeps us on an arm's length...but also so strangely beautiful, alien-like, so different in their appearance...both love and hate them. Which is not the case in terms of your cactus drawings...just love them!

    Happy weekend!

  7. o oh oh oh
    already saturday?!
    time flies when i am in sweden! and when it is snowing! so much snow to shovel, saunas to be done, mulled wine to be drinking...
    can i make a raincheck???

  8. by the way,
    i love the cactus fruit,
    prickly pears,
    and have a few post on them in my blog!

    very tasty, but challenging to eat without having the tiniest sharpest little thorns inside your skin afterwards.

  9. Dearest Nadeschda,
    beautiful blossoming cactus here! Love even the blossoming typo and the dots... are that stitches of cactus prickles...? autsch!

    Love to you!
    x Ariane

  10. I love this cactus. So bright. I love cactus actually, so beautiful.

  11. You've made a beautiful cactus and I'm actually a bit happy to hear you share my fear of this poor plant. I had huge problems drawing a cactus this week, since my fear nearly kept me paralyzed ;)

    Love! E.

  12. a cactus blooming
    I LIKE your drawing
    that your dots
    are free and dancing

    thanks for this theme
    although I am no cactus lover
    I enjoyed it very much!

    Patrice A.

  13. Oh, I had the same experience as you, as a child. The cactus in the yellow pot attaced me every time I came near!

  14. I too used to dislike cactus - I just didn't like their look of any succulent (except for that gorgeous one that blossoms around Xmas time - the name of which escapes me). now I find all cacti interesting and amazing. they must be an acquired taste!

  15. For being bitten by the vile cactus, Nadine, your drawing is very cheerful! I am really late getting my drawing up but it's there at last. xo

  16. Nadine, I actually love cacti! There's a cactus and succulent garden nearby that makes me feel I'm in another world!
    I am late with my post but it's up!
    Your prickly woolfy is wonderful!!!
    Thank you for inviiting me on this one. It gave me a little push I needed to try out my new how-to-watercolor book!
    Love form California!


  17. I do like your cactus Nadine
    I don't lke them in general - since I always manage to "kill" them (so I quess they don't like me either!)
    but yours I like

    : )

  18. hi nadine, no cacti, but some tiny wolves on my blog! :-)) mano

  19. yes, you can!! I'll write you next days. :-) mano

  20. Dots and the lettering, but I really LOVE your new header, that one is unbeatable,!!!

  21. A classic yes but very lovely all the same. Cacti are much better in gardens than in houses I love cacti gardens just for their sculptural forms. Im still working on mine its been a bit work overload at the moment end of semester at work = a lot of grading assessments!

    Helen :)

    1. managed to finish my DC post its up on the blog even if it is disgracefully late!!!

      have a great day!

      Helen :)

  22. Hated cacti as a child, too, and still to this day actually not me favorite plant... but I like your drawing, dear Nadine - are you really off to London? How absolutely fab! -sus