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oscar wilde wrote DE PROFUNDIS, as he waited on release from imprisonment, after a marital brawl conviction; the details of which i leave in the middle here. i would however like to lift out a short excerpt from DE PROFUNDIS, a quote that was repeated in the V&A exhibition THE CULT OF BEAUTY, in 2011, and which i transcribed in my travel journal. i may not feel convinced by what he is saying at first glance [debating on the sorrow bit], but it did catch my ear as i was walking those galleries.

myself not overly wild on wilde, i thought of him as a jumping board to our theme. 
earlier this week i drifted from the thrift shop's children's games to the books section, humming a recognizable tune
in this leisurely fashion i found what i was looking for: another vintage artis-historia reference book on animals. as i leafed through it, i discovered him, again [that's right, i've a few of the same books now, all ready to be torn up, but not just yet], and i was grateful. 
now i could kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

i don't think there is another bird as jolly as this a-one, the superb bird of paradise {lophorina superba}, unless i am mistaking {which is probable}. 
trying to get him good and proper on paper, and let him have his say, proofed to be all part of this week's challenge.

by all means, please do watch included below video clip, [if only for richard attenboroughs cajoling voice and phantasmagoric transcript], and let the elaborate and stunning male play draw you in, you won't be disappointed. 
in fact you might even yearn to be wooed like this, from now on ... ☻

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  1. I love that bird of paradise image with the text ... great!

  2. wow
    the entry with Wilde
    YOUR beautiful drawing
    and than the video
    it´s fantastic to follow you, Nadine!
    what a bird is that, he´s amazing?!?
    x Stefanie

  3. NADINE!
    that video of paradise bird
    gave me big, BIG smile ;^)
    and as always i have to read
    your post atleast twice before
    i can follow your sparkling mind
    i love it
    and your drawing
    with the text
    great theme
    grand post



  4. wow, your post is just beauty! I love all of it, but the best is your drawing with that text, love it! thank you for the wonderfull challenge this week!

  5. It was so much fun seeing parts of your home....coming right along momma!
    I posted a link about the sale I went to , you would have loved the art.but your right I loved the basement!

    your birds are spectacular......talented talented you are!
    tonight is prom for the oldest......oh dear how a girl can spin them! Heidi

  6. that bird is mad! with love or lust i guess!

    lovely post and i agree a thousand percent with oscar wilde about beauty. and yes with you - maybe not so much about sorrow. not the biggest o.w. fan but hard to not find "earnest" v. entertaining esp with rupert everett in a title role and when i was a little kid, so very devastated by the story of the princess and the dwarf. i think that was a story very successfully marrying form and function. xo!

  7. Ahhhhh Nadine......simply BEAUTIFUL from beginning to end!
    xo Carole

    Thank you for this challenge.

  8. A fabulous posting(and a laugh out loud video too). Thank you for proposing such an interesting theme.

  9. the Wilde... dearest Nadeschda... hmmm
    sometimes he is cynical, often he is right.
    And like Patrice I have to read and lokk at your post twice.
    I love your drawing of Paradisebird... his feathers are very beautiful... but even the branch!
    The video... Dear!... I laughed out very loud! ... and isn't it crazy what womankind finds beautiful...hahaha

    Thanks for your hosting and pretty theme!
    Please stay tuned for the next, Hon... btw you have given me the inspiration for that...

    xo Ariane.

  10. The drawing with Wilde is just so rich I want to drink it up! and I love the bird of paradise too
    they are such mysterious and wonderful creatures! Thanks so much for this theme it really gave me a lot to chew on :)

  11. Beauty filled post Nadine! I love it all, but especially your beautiful bird drawing. I found this word quite the challenge, but really enjoyed joining in! Thanks

  12. my friend,

    I just read your invitation today (!) the days are going by fast and furious (in the good sense) lately

    beauty is a beautiful theme

    your journal art work is a huge inspiration for me
    (bought my self a journal for my birthday the other day...)

    I think you are beautiful

  13. Not easy to comment after watching this weird bird video! I'm still left confusedly laughing. Strange creatures. Make me a bit scared, to be honest! I'm so glad male humans don't behave this way to attract our attention...just imagine! I totally understand that female bird that left this eccentric guy with a shake of her head...his beauty probably went to his head, don't you agree?
    In contrast, your drawings are examples of pure beauty, indeed. Great artwork, beautiful topic, miscellaneous approach! Wild(e) thing!
    Thank you so much, my dear, it was a pleasure!

  14. I love love love your interpretation of the magnificent Bird of Paradise, Nadine! SO very funny. Thanks for this beautiful challenge! -sus

  15. Dear Nadine, I don't even know where to start, to tell you how much I aprreciate and enjoy your beauty post. On the one hand I can't stop laughing at this bird and his incredible capers to impress the female and YES I agree we want be wooed like this - we would feel much more confident and beautiful then. Your artwork is just stunning, perfect beauty I agree with Tania and the Wilde page is captivating.
    You're so damn artistic!
    Love + hugs Barbara

  16. well my dear after a very busy week and even busier weekend i come here to find beauty and you more then fulfills my expectations,
    feeling rather tired and calling today my resting day the song makes me feel like laying down and dream away but there's so much to see here and to read,
    your drawing exciting in form and color, also a kind of tenderness in it touches me,
    and yes that voice of Richard Attenborough so relaxing and captivating at the same time, i've seen that documentary, i can look at it again and again,always fascinates me how comparable we are, humans and animals i mean,
    oh no i can't recall a man dancing in a black/blue cape for me(though i would be delighted;)) but the cleaning up i do recognize and the singing :)
    wonderful post sweetie, thanks for the beauty you brought us, xx

  17. Hi mamma woolf! Haven't read "De Profundis"; but I love Oscar Wilde's writings. You make me wish to read this... Thanks for sharing! <3

  18. I can only say that this bird has left me speechless, only, perhaps, is equal to it, some men on the beach in summer, haha​​! fortunately the birds have no gold watches or cars Ferrari! :)
    have a nice week!!!!

  19. omg I need to spend a day at this post.
    the quote
    the feathers
    the mating dance
    the dance !
    the beauty!!
    Oh N! you outdid yourself, you breathe in beauty you renovator you!!

    PS the good news, i wrote the poem, the uh oh, I forgot to post!! sorry I deflated on this one(her hee)

  20. Nadine that red border of feathers so loosely painted in feathery strokes. Gorgeous. Fabby. Capes are so underrated don't you feel? I love the little bird ready to dance his heart out in your illustration. The whole post is a treasure. I've seen the video before and it was great to view it again. When I see close up photos of these birds in an old National Geographic magazine I keep being reminded of this video and of the complex vast panoply of things interesting and beautiful that nature gives us. N, xo
    p.s. thank you for the journey; great theme!!

  21. I enjoyed this post. I am too not wild abut Wilde and aways felt left out. No longer. I do think you found some supreme treasures and your travel diary is something to behold.

  22. I so very much needed that smile today. Your birds are wonderful, imaginative, wild and yes, beautiful and the video is priceless! Cindi

  23. Those birds are amazing. And such a beautiful drawing! The branch on which your bird perches is wonderful!
    I have to apologize for not holding up my end of the drawing challenge deal. i had something in mind, but alas, I failed
    to bring it to fruition. These days are different. I have a more difficult time finding time. But I miss it. It's a matter of it becoming routine again. Anyhow, I'm sorry.
    Have a grand day.
    Your studio is coming along beautifully!
    Love from California,