poetry, lately - please hover {over images}


  1. love you too honey and your pics, belgian flag = great postcard, xx

  2. Love you too Woolfy, and your words and pics x

    p.s. what IS topinamboer???

  3. ok so what is the difference between crosne and topinambour or are they two words for the same thing?

    LUV-LUV the polaroid idea and the hovering. so clever! can't believe you have the building cranes right outside the office too - well i can, but....!!!!!!!! stop the madness!?

    yes we wuv you too N.!

  4. ooh I just love your pictures, the colours and the atmospheer....aaah zucht:)

  5. I love this series! Great continuum!

  6. That first photo poem
    especially, nadine
    xxoo, sus

  7. indeed a singing poetry,
    i wonder so what is there on your cutting board? is it a cutting board? and are those morels??? or am i simply biking way off now?


  8. i think you're always think about renovation! :)
    i like how you composed this post, seemingly wordless.
    Happy May!

  9. *sigh* dear Nadeschda,
    love it! your photo poem.
    It takes me in a special mood... of attention and openness
    'you left it there in the thriftshop'?!
    ... and... I know. I can feel it.

    xo Ariane.

  10. wonderful photos and i love how you have the text come up when 'hovering' over the photo ...

  11. wonderful photos and text too! I love how they all relate somehow...and I've had
    renovation on my mind too- I spent most of my childhood in a constantly changing house
    walls moving rooms shifting shape- the dust and chaos...it's quite an interesting theme
    when you step away for a bit.
    Inner construction maybe :) hugs

  12. Not only the words, even your photos are poetry!
    Wonderful presentation, too.
    Btw, I am hosting our next drawing challenge. May I invite you? ;o)

  13. I love you too!
    It took a while to manage to read the hidden text, maybe I'm to hectic hoverer, very poetic way to "talk" to people and I really love your blury polaroid-like photos!

  14. how fun! (love the shadow shot of the kitty)

  15. nadine, i thought your jerusalem artichoke was chocolate covered nuts and that was why your body would notice (wasteline).
    Did not know the name of the root was jerusalem artichoke. On a market here I have heard the seller calling them fart root so now I understand too what you mean about the body :D

  16. I <3 U 2! These are wonderful as can be! Truly. I love your childhood Spring.