margate, fargate {UK, part I}

back in the eighties we hurried through margate, nobody lived there. to our scrutinous eye, those who did were mad and bored. there was a fairground, which we regarded with the greatest scrutiny. and in summer the louder part of britain came to sprawl on beaches, splash in grey north sea waters, hang shamelessly from said fairground attractions and devour on greasy spoon concoctions. 

still. a dynamic visual arts centre turner contemporary {only just visible on your extreme left} seemingly rose from the northern seas beyond, in the exact spot where ex-resident and famous painter jmw turner stayed. besides local, controversial artist tracey emin, who grew up in margate, there's now plenty of vintage in margate. and splendid refreshment space for the tired and the lonely. cupcake cafe below.
some pastel refurbishments have turned grey housing estate grounds into gallery space, awaiting tourists and art lovers. in margate? in margate! thus i walked, avoided rain, sniffed salty air, dipped an imaginary toe, and slurped enough coffee to keep me going.

one of the reasons i came to margate in the first place was london based artist alex chinneck's installation "from the knees of my nose to the belly of my toes". dig it? it is a well impressive piece of fun art, although for some reason i missed a zip up / zip down button to have the house front move up and down on command. ☻ naturally all else that i saw is also here


  1. is dit de plaats
    waar je ooit woonde?
    of dichtbij woonde?
    ik vind het prachtig
    bootjes op het droge
    de kleuren
    het zout

  2. oh yes that chimnetz house looks fun! no sunshine for you in margate?! that is a surprise! (not really!)

    i do like the english seaside towns - in all their dubiousness.

  3. odd place to go to in England, innit? :)

  4. Cool art! And I like the seaside pastel buildings with the gray environs - perhaps because it is so different from where I live.

  5. I kind of think they grey weather suits the colorful buildings :)

  6. To my American eyes that are still virgins to Europe, the place looks dreamy. But then, what I am seeing is through your eyes, are quite dreamy xo

  7. What a great tour love the coffee shop.....Missed ya Momma! Heidi

  8. these are gorgeous series,
    i have to tell my sister to come here, she will love the dreamland one!
    Happy travels n, ♥、there seems to be so much inspiration, breathe it all in and enjoy!!xo♡

  9. My sister is correct ... I love the Dreamland pic ... and the cupcakes (another of my favorite things!). Great pictures and great to get a taste of your travels, too. (Sugary sweet and dreamy in this case!)

  10. this reminds me we have visited this year several towns in slovenia that are just... they are not even industrial or mining towns any more and i wonder in 50 years if anyone is going to live there any more. all right, this is a rather dreary picture i drew here -