drawing | autumn {in herne bay, UK, part III}

it was on a late summer's day in 1985, when a farewell comittee consisting of one aunt drove me up the north sea ferry wall in oostend. my trolley took a dip and i hadn't even reached english soil. waving aunty's comments bye-byes, i left belgium. just 24 hours later my new life opened up before me, waking up in a canterbury b&b, planning.

reminding myself briefly of the previous night's downpour, i braved a cloudy sky and a bumpy busride into herne bay, an east kent seaside resort's name exactly the same as my hometown's (bar the bay, we have no sea at home). by the end of a promising day i'd landed myself both a job and a bedsit. the autumn sun had begun to shine brilliantly. i felt as if i'd come home. at last.

this is the second time since the eighties i came back to herne bay. i'd booked a room in a b&b called the priory, which in 1985 was called worth house and functioned then as a youth hostel for up to fifteen problem teenagers, in desperate need of some counseling and loads of tlc, joined by some fifteen staff. i became staff soon after my kitchen trainee days. 

i succombed gladly to many memory flashes in anticipation, and now as i'm back in belgium, memories flood still. i think fondly of cook mary, who patiently taught me how to make an english custard creme. i stirred a milky tea {for sentimental reasons only, because i don't like white} in my single room, bemusedly staring into the overgrown november back garden. if i remember the house lay out correctly i was given j's room. j was no easy chick to handle. how would j be today?

i searched and found back railway station back alley, still overgrown in exactly the same spots! i easily made my way back to both houses i lived in, and lingered in front of them.

i sniffed sea salty air, rotten weeds and broken shells, all seemingly washing ashore aplenty. not a single olfactery detail of the whole area, down to the petrol station's gasses, smelled different. a trip down memory lane can be so profusely repleneshing.

i've let this week's dc theme mingle with my trip and remembered just then i'd drawn an autumn leaf a year back. i decided to recycle that drawingi played about a bit. {a postcard of the ° drawing is available in my shop.}

doesn't this repeat pattern version make you long for a proper bar of chocolate? it does me and i don't know why! ☻ ariane shows us more of autumn. as always, and please do, walk with me, through herne bay, UK. 


  1. Leuk!!! Dank je wel, ik heb genoten van je stukje Kent en Herne Bay, met wat choco erbij!! Prachtig die blaadjes....

  2. ps...ik kijk bij je andere foto's en ik heb je net gemaild dat ik op de cavendish road heb gewoond.....weliswaar elders....
    grappig!! ;-)

  3. ooooh it looks like blighty - proper it does.

  4. Dear sister, walking with you on memory lane is awesome the photos nearly evoke the impression of a town falling to sleep for 28 years like in fairytale sleeping beauty overgrown everywhere waiting for the awakening kiss. I like that. And this b&b house looks so wonderful like only english houses can.

  5. what about some scones and clotted cream?
    or the real deal english breakfast???


  6. Gosh I loved this post, Nadine! Your walk into the past brought me a tear. Such a bittersweet wonder, where is J now...
    thank you for sharing - that photo of the overgrown stair touched a nerve in my memory heart, too. xxoo, sus

  7. memory lane.... i can see you walking
    the young you, the one you are now, the one i know
    like sara, i would love to eat some scones now ;^))

    thank you for showing and sharing
    and your leave became a beautiful pattern!


  8. What a great post! so enjoyed hearing your story and I love the photos too! nothing like a good reminisce!!
    and those stairs that have overgrown-wow!
    Thanks so much for sharing :)

  9. Nadine, I can smell the air too! And I took a snippet of greenery to press in my notebook. I have no personal, or any, memories of this spot but I am sure glad that you took me to it for a visit (in my mind's eye.) So lovely is this location. Now I am off to your shop to view your post card...and to find some chocolate around here...I am house/cat sitting for my daughter who is out of town for a Christmas Fair. *smiles* Norma, x

  10. great drawing and I love your story, the first picture is my favorite, reminds of my time living in and loving Roubaix.
    x Stefanie

  11. i really enjoy your pictures and your story! and i love your drawing - yes, absolutly, it really makes me long for a bar of chocolate, why ever...
    x dania

  12. Thank you for wonderful memory story.
    Love the chocolate leave postcard....never thought of chocolate brown for a autumn colour, but you are right.
    ♥ Sabine

  13. i'm amazed at the synchronicities in our lives - i too moved to the UK in the 80s (1986), felt I'd found home, and lived at a Canterbury Road (South London). This year for the first time, I've been wanting to go back to the placed I loved so much. I find your "repetition" drawing interesting, in connection with a post about revisiting memories.

  14. If your able I'm host this week... would love to have you :)

  15. What a wonderful experience as a youth, and to be able to return to the same place, priceless.
    your autumn leaves do work as chocolate! yum.
    I am late posting, but still...
    Looking forward to next weeks challenge. Funny, it's a theme for a series of drawings I have been wanting to do myself.
    I am inspired. See you soon.

  16. hmmm, I wanna chocolate now... with pieces of orange (only for adults!), dearest Nadeschda.
    Love your autumn-leaf... the process of recycling itself is like the seasons, right?
    To walk the memory lane makes me a little wistful and happy in the same time... I can find it even here, no? (great photos, Dear!) You don't like white but you stirred the milky tea...

    Love xo Ariane.

  17. Oh dear, I'm getting closer to your Brit-infected heart the more I learn about your life.
    Sound like a great sentimental trip, but I'm still glad the time capsule brought you home again! ;o)
    And your pattern...makes one leaf appear like a whole autumn forest!
    I'm not the kind of chocolate girl so this wasn't the first I was thinking of. But now that you've said it...