drawing | everyday objects

i had my everyday mugs all lined up on the kitchen table, to have a good look at them and then paint them. for some reason, and as i walked sniffing the early december (!) air,

i decided upon a different everyday object, hopefully for the next whole month : my trusted crochet hook. i am finally assembling the 444 squares sitting in a card board box into a winter blanket. with a bit of luck, i'll be showing it off somewhere around christmas.

kristen did paint her kitchen everydays, and i LOVE 'em. go see, do. 


  1. wat een fijne reeks foto's van je eerste december wandeling!
    en de haaknaald.... ik herinner me je verhaal van de 444 vierkantjes
    mijn rondjes kijken me ook verwijtend aan, het schiet niet op!
    eerst moeten er andere zaken, zoals afdrukken maken voor een mini-expositie....


  2. How exciting! I love the idea of finishing an old project- breathing new life into it, and honestly crochet is always
    a labor of love :) can't wait to see how it turns out!
    Thanks for playing along dear Nadine xo

  3. Hello Woolfie!
    so envious of crocheters and knitters! everyday is right...those squares will make a beautiful blanket indeed!
    ps my post is up.

  4. Well, wonderfully done, Woolfie dear - your pencil drawing of the crochet hook is so fine. Good luck with your project, I will be cheering you on and looking forward to seeing the completed effort end o' the month-ish. December !!! Right!!!???

  5. Oh I love those crochets, though I prefer to knit - good luck with your project!
    A fine drawing!
    I hope you will be in the next drawing challenge, I am the host, alors: are you in?
    x Stefanie

  6. Oh super! Ik ben benieuwd hoe het eruit gaat zien, de kleuren zijn nu al prachtig. Ik zou dolgraag willen leren haken, mijn moeder heeft ooit een poging gedaan het mij te leren maar ik begreep het maar niet, haha! Zo frustrerend, voral voor haar;-) Dus nu ben ik elke keer super nieuwsgierig wat het word als ik bij iemand een haak projectje zie....en ik wil het echt graag leren, om een gigantische deken te maken!

  7. that's a lot of squares to join together (my least favorite job), it will look great!

  8. Pretty, pretty, dearest Nadeschda!
    will come again, later...... in the eve..... work, you know....

    Hugs and kisses

  9. Very nice drawing dear woolfy and the blanket will be wonderful as well!

  10. Yikes, that's a lot of squares! Yikes, that's a lot of assembling going on! Yikes, I'm impressed with your many talents, dear N! Your drawing is lovely. Happy hooking to you. xo Carole

  11. Dear Nadeschda,
    that walk with you was has been really refreshing to me. Love that mirroring skies in the puddles... clouds like wad of cotton. And is it chamomile on the pasture?
    Your drawing is so fine, first I thought your hook is laying there for real!

    Hope your flu is gone and you are feeling fine (your photos tells that).
    And, you wondered about that piece in the frame at my Castle? I will tell you... come closer... that are buds of an amaryllis. Made that pic a few years ago on negative film...

    xo Ariane.

  12. I'm thinking that maybe we should not call these objects "everyday objets" because it is a slightly derogatory name, this needle, I'm sure, is part of your life (I know because my wife loves crochet and she traveling with her needle everywhere, even she has passed its airport scanners with the needle to weave on the plane)
    I hope you finish your blanket before Christmas. good week for you! :)

  13. I remember 'granny squares' from the 60s and they were synthetic yarn for the most part, and really bad synthetic yard so that the colours were the PLASTIC colours that can only be gotten from bad synthetic yarn. These were made into quilts/throws/lap warmers and then thrown over the back of a couch which usually was upholstered in bad synthetic material that was also loudly coloured. So I am not a fan of the 'granny square' comforter/throw/quilt but let me tell you Nadine your squares are lovely, lovely, lovely. Because the colours are l-o-v-e-l-y and it looks soft and there are nice fibres to give it a soft texture. Against the skin this is probably fabulous and it is wonderful that you made each and every stitch with your hands, and eyes, and mind (counting stitches and rounds) and spirit (creative spirit.) I look very forward to seeing the finished piece. Beautiful art here my dear! *smiles* Norma, xo

  14. wow! 444 crocheted squares, that is a lot!
    i once decided to crochet a blanket.. still have all the 12 circles, but i think it'll never be finished..