drawing | swanlights

.... and not a swan in sight ☻, but listening to them, as i slid through vintage story books, putting my smallest scissors to use. stefanie tickled everyone's fancy i hope, she sure did mine.


  1. hey you, thank you for playing and scissoring! I can breathe the atmosphere in your picture, I love that, and thank you for the video, very cool!
    nice weekend to you x Stefanie

  2. Dearest Nadeschda,
    that spherical sound is like the vocals of swans... Cocteau Twins?! Catapult me right into 1982, guest family Andrews in Brighton, Top of the Pops! Ha!
    This video is surreal like your Belgian Artist! but your collage is enchanting and airy at that... wonderul ring-a-ring-o' roses! Great!

    Your buttons on the right side like pretty baubles ;-)
    so you will come up with a special dc theme next weekend, ahem? Look for it!

    Love xo Ariane.

  3. a magical and fabulous video - great!! and your drawing, scissors drawing, is a very good match to it ♥!
    for my swan picture I used white beeswax! wonderful material!
    :-) mano

  4. very tidy cutting! or did you do them in photoshop? love the rhythm of the circle and the traveling....

  5. Oh my goodness! I love this video and your drawing seems to be run out / cut out of it!
    You should turn this into a notepad or letter paper, it's beautiful!
    Still havin' my tea alone here today, but I'm looking forward to share a cup with you one day. It will happen for sure!

  6. cocteau twins!
    bringing back memories
    of weekends in Zeeland together with the husband
    listening this music on sundays....
    ha! it beautifully fits this theme!
    and your cuttings.... wow.... so, so tidy!


  7. beautiful life

  8. Something I like about DC is that to the same stimulus each of us has a different view, and our imagination going as far afield, even, as in your case, showing no literal representation of the original subject.
    I like!
    Good week for you!

  9. Yeah Roberto got it right. And yes, Stefanie really got us all going hey? Oh what fun. So much fun. Have a great week, N, x

  10. such a charming dance your non-swans are performing, dear N! such beautiful colors and delicate balance - I love!
    (insanely good video, too, hadn't heard Cocteaus in years...)

  11. so now we meet here ... great dance, I love this.

  12. dear tiny woolfy,
    I love your poetic dance with scissors and old vintage photos a delicate dance of light and colors.
    barbara bee

  13. wow, I love this so much! What a beautiful image you created! the background is perfect for it. I can already see it as a wrapping paper, or to write letters on or printed on tea towels! The image is just too wonderful!

  14. This totally makes me smile...I think it's that ostrich! with the anemone on it's head- so playful and light I love it :)