yule{tide me over}

we've had a few white cristmasses recently {belgium}, but not this year of two thousand and thirteen. we have had rain, and a stiff wind that blows any which way. i've had to fasten the cap, straigthen the scarf and pull up the mittens to the elbow. here's what i've been doing indoors.

finally adding the pulls to the few kitchen drawers i own. have been enjoying many televised cookery specials, enjoying yuletide from afar, whilest screw driving. 

folding and unfolding napkin papers into voluminous flower heads to adorn the throughway between front room and library.

have been rearranging my very own little corner of nigella, our larder. it is finally up to scratch! 

putting a christmassy-end of year curtain on the front room windows, bar the {promised} angels. one ended up in the tree {definitely not handmade}.

preparing food, glorious {sweet} food for boxing day. 

and finally. the "christmas" blanket! one roll unfolds twenty six squares. i'm doing two rolls a day, if i'm lucky. i did say.... i was going to show off the blanket by yuletide. here's, erm, one quarter? ☻

happy days to you all, and to the darkest ones of the year, in our nordic hemisphere. 
now. wait! is that narnia, calling? 
see yaaaaa >>>>>


  1. i hope it is! (narnia calling.) i almost believe it is, looking at your whimsical christmas artistry. wishing you a bright and happy christmas, and an even brighter new year ❤

  2. Your yuletide looks delicious Woolfy, and I'm not just talking food!
    What are those luscious looking cakies stuffed with custard?
    I made an enormous pavlova for ours. Mmmmm, it was good (and I don't even like pavlova!)

  3. What a lovely post! Happy holidays to you and yours. Your pantry makes me want to weep with joy...oh, organization! How I crave it every year after the decorations come down!

  4. I love seeing your house what a treat....Merry Christmas Momma and a Happy New Year!
    Love Heidi

  5. Hi Miss Woolfie! Gosh your house is looking so swell! That larder! Those kitchen knobs! Be still my beating heart. You are an inspiration. I am actually cleaning too. It's a great thing to do between Christmas and New Years Eve. Oh, and now that I look again at that larder. I am completely impressed with the wine storage/selection. Oh hello! *smiles* Norma, x

  6. I enjoyed this post immensely! It's fun to see a glimpse into your life... all the way on the other side of the world :-)

    Happy holidays!

  7. Hi, Nadine. I like your larder

    those little baskets are very cute, I think I can feel the smell of that place.
    Vino? Champagne? spices?
    Greetings from the other hemisphere, now sunny and warm! :)

  8. your house looks great, and what a nice feeling it must be to have your kitchen set up finally! though, i'm a little surprised at your mentioning sweets for boxing day - was it not supposed to be layers of lasagna? :)
    happy holidays!

  9. wow, the nigella corner!
    and the christmas blanket...and what are those sweets?? mmmmm!
    strange weather this year, we've had a crazy snowstorm *israel!* which the country was not prepared for, no electricity for a couple of days, a huge amount of broken trees and constructions...
    and now it looks like sometime in march again.

    hugs to you, i hope you\ve had a wonderful christmas,
    and soon a happy new year!

  10. Je te souhaite une belle et riche année 2014, aussi lumineuse que tes pages.

  11. love your larder! it's a dream of mine ot own one of these little magical rooms.
    all photos are wonderful.

    it seems like everything you touch turns lovely.