♪♪ so-oh. ring, ring, ... ♫

i was watching abba specials recently. a tune stuck to my brains. i've been enjoying finishing off small projects. ringing out the old in oostend, in b's company, we galavanted our way through soft, mild weather, visiting a tiny exhibition on upcoming belgian talent. hans defer's work well impressed me. images are to follow. for now. ringing... and wishing... all of you...


  1. Happy new year to you and yours as well! xo Leena

  2. a happy new year to you, too! it may be a creative and lucky one!
    xo dania

  3. Happy new year! May it be full of "Dancing Queen" moments!

  4. happy new year!! thank you for this great picture / card!!
    ♥ mano

  5. happy new year!
    it will rock, this new one...
    full of adventures and challenges, right?