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every so often i encounter creative work by someone completely unknown to me, work which simply blows me away. awe adds to my surprise if the artist or the work owns a particular feature that talks to me. not necessarily in the best of ways, but rare and raw. 

i felt this frisson for eugene andolsek about whom i wrote in june 2010. his mathematical doodling puzzling me, i simply fall silent over his imagery {and life story!}. nigel peake's drawings do it to me as well, the ooh's and aah's. this week it happened again, completely unawares of eric ravilious. how come i never before ran into ravilious' work, anywhere? 

gazing at his delightfully painted and illustrated aquarels however, make my heart sing. the innovativeness, the charm, the modernism that ooze from ravilious' tableaus talk sense to me. artistically capturing everyday scenes and whipping them into a delight cannot please me more. i feel i know him. i could just fall in love with him. i have fallen in love with him.

discovering ravilious so unexpectedly, helps me along with my 2014 project as well, which i proudly present herethere's a river running through the town i live in (also the new project's title ~ translated from my native tongue), and for 365 days i will be offering a sight a day. not the most obvious sights either, just the peculiar ones, the awesome ones, the ones that for some reason attract my attention and burn themselves gently into my brains. and heart. and soul. 

numen helped me get here, i'm convinced. the intention sort of grew organically {i felt i needed to record reality, connect purpose to the drawing experience, bring into play my and other's quirks. and urge myself} and then i took it from there. also the unimpaired riddle of people recognizing {their!} dwelling here or an unexpected sight there pleases me.

so. thanks to tammie, who's hosting the drawing challenge this weekend, i incorporated a bit of this to a bit of that, my favourite kind of play anyway. what numen do you live up to, i wonder. 


  1. Oh I had a lot of fun clicking thru your links. :) Love the project you've started and I bet you'll come out with a really important body of work after a year. Yesterday I went for a walk in the mountains above the city, harbour and fog. It was so magical looking down that I tried to capture it with a little innovative art. I'ts hard to work in "fog"...lol. Numen...hmm...divinity. Sounds like a lovely challenge. I'll see what I can come up with over the weekend. Have a feeling it's going to involve dark colours and some sort of sparkle. :)

  2. Lovely work and thanks for the links.

  3. I love your sketches
    how the lines bring each bit to life
    and in colors too
    really a wonderful project
    expressing the spirit of your town
    thank you for joining us
    so fun to explore the artists you have shared
    and to read of how numen inspired you ~

  4. ooh how i love your post, a myriad of wonderful artwork,don't know where to look first, scribbling down the artist names so i don't forget to look them up again later.
    the greens in Ravilious' work makes me quiet.
    (lately, beside the garden green the color green got my interest i noticed).

    your project, oh my dear, a big and wonderful one, i love to look at houses, simple houses but then when you take a closer look...
    your felt tip pen will make us notice every lovely or unsual detail, a joy!

  5. Oh, thank you so much for new inspiration! Especially fell in love at once with Nigel Peak's artwork, his colours and style! Yeah!
    And your new 365 days challenge...respect! I wouldn't have the courage and power of endurance to keep up to such a huge task. So architecture, hm?? Isn't that what I should be burning for? Well, obviously I don't, at least not that much to find joy in focussing my artwork on it...makes me feel doubt again. No wonder I'm going through my studies with such troubles. Your houses are so lovely! I'll follow you through the streets of groot-geraardsbergen!!

  6. Dear Nadeschda,
    stunningly plenty of creativity, heart and soul here, that never dried up... numen. So, I am asking: Is doing art a kind of a Mass?

    About your project 2014... how can you manage that all that?? Your drawings are just beautiful! and, one day I wanna see those places in real life!

    xo Ariane.

  7. Wow Nadine this is really wonderful! First thank you for the new intro to these artists- I've never heard of ...especially Peake,
    I am so going to spend some time with him! and I can see why you would be drawn to them- there is so much similar- line/pattern/geometry color that jumps out. I love that your taking on a year challenge- so brave and dedicating a blog to it even better due to the accountability part (again Brave!) I am so looking forward to seeing where you live through you ever changing eyes this year !!
    Best/hugs K

  8. You have such a purposeful communicative way of using 'line' that it makes sense for you to love these artists you introduce us to (I'll be visiting the links later today) and for me to witness your journey into these art worlds and to come to your own art world with this grand project! This is numen. Art numen, my dear. I love that wolf door knocker. It knocked me out! HA! Norma, xo

  9. Wow, a rich post, Nadine with so much to think about and these unfamiliar artists to read more about. Your drawings here are lucid, sure and edged with whimsy. Love a strong line, and these are for sure!
    Best wishes with your 2014 project!

  10. I like your post! I learned things I never knew, thanks to your links I saw wonderful images!
    and your drawings are delightful :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. Such a fantastic post..you write so brilliantly too..thanks for the awesome links! how I love all of the intriguing art you have shared..gorgeous linework and energy to all of your pieces! Shine on kindred! Beautifully done!

  12. What a delightful find for me! "every so often i encounter creative work by someone completely unknown to me, work which simply blows me away." I can relate to this because I love the way you draw and write! Fantastic posts!

  13. So, it took me quite a while to go through this post, because all this wonderful links brough the world to me! And I understand your fascination for all of them and I can see a straight line between you and Nigel Peake and shimmer on the horizon to show up and complete in your own work!
    So and now I go and enjoy your project, which makes me feel, that I should start one for myself again.....
    Love and hugs
    Barbara Bee

  14. Your project is totally awesome! A very special piece of art, your very own language which I really, really like and I recommend that the authority of Geraardsbergen should make a book out of it for visitors and inhabitants to buy and enjoy! I would do so.
    B. bee

  15. ambitious and wonderful project, to be committed to a daily creative moment!

  16. I love these! First before I say what the first two remind me of, you must know that we are studying Edgar Allen Poe in junior American Literature. Actually, we are immersed in him---part of the curriculum. (I recognize his brilliance and his contribution to the literary world with his development of the short story into its own complete genre and his creation of the first detective story and development of that area. However, I can only take so much of his macabre and depression.) That being said, the first drawing immediately brought to mind "The Pit and the Pendulum"---I guess because of the huge round object, the wires, and the other lines. The second one would be a perfect setting for "The Tell-Tale Heart." I can see one of those windows looking into the room where the elderly man was killed. I think it's time I read something a bit more normal and upbeat!:>)

  17. Oh, your new project is so cool! I hopped over there---really like it!:>)

  18. ok dear woolfie you got me - I love your Numen nature!
    and the drawings are good for my eyes, feels like taking a rest, like relaxing.
    x Stefanie

  19. ??heb ik niet gereageerd?
    'k zou zweren van wel....

    ik vind je project prachtig
    ik hou van tekenen (zoals je weet) en zeker
    van huizen en interieurs :^))
    en bedankt voor de links
    nigel peake, wauw....


  20. Hello, Miss TinyWoolf! So glad you stepped by my blog...you made me curious to see yours! All of your blogs! Each of them is special and intriguing in so many different ways! I am charmed. I loved to read about your inspiration and to discover you 2014 project and look forward to your next posts. A big hug to you!