drawing | cover {the great leap forward}

a sure crackle in the air last week suggests winter time stands confident, waiting to make a great leap forward. i realize how lucky we are seeking and finding relatively easy cover from the imminent cold, in these dire times of global human migration. i realize i am spoiled having to worry only about pulling my sweater a little tighter, having a roof over my head. i'm keeping hope for safe deliverance for all. 

in trains and automobiles, i have either my sketch book or my novel at hand to occupy my frenzied mind. drawing in the train has become a bit of a pickle since a relevant commuting train speed update, making it virtually impossible to draw anything steady. thus i retreat to my book mostly. marie antoinette is to die shortly, boo-hoo

the studio / dress room lies quietly; dresses, skirts, sweaters and t's everywhere. i need to call myself back to order, so that this much missed place doesn't squander completely. the more chaos, the less prolific i am. i'm so glad we called an inktober through cartoon classes. i'm sharpening that pencil at an ant's pace. still. ants are workers. 

currently i'm looking into writing my business plan. the good news about writing a business plan is that it is useful to write it over a given period of time, e.g. a few weeks. in doing so, i'm giving myself space to think things through, to consider what i want to do and how i want to go about doing it. in preparation, i find myself mainly in the thinking phase as yet.  

central stage are my houses {sounds terrific, nonmy houses?}. i want to draw houses and sell my drawings on a commission basis, turning each item into an unique and personal piece. i need to further develop new and hone my existing drawing skills, and i'm currently doing exactly that, as a side kick to cartoon classes. Later, houses will become my main focal point. 

i want my weathered blog to stand witness to these intentions. having long thought about blogging, its effects and its meaning in my present busy life, i discover i want my blog to work for me. not in pennies, but as a control room to my artistic plans, asserting my progress and showcasing my endeavours. in that, our drawing challenges have helped trumendously to shake myself loose from rust.

my blog will hopefully help me to finetune the advance i'm making, from one weekend blogpost to the next. it sounds like a good start to the week anyway. ultimately {gulp}, i want to live of {gulp} {gulpwhat i create. after all these years of staying quietly creative and procrastinating the financial rewards into a vague and undefined future, i now state i want to move up. 

i want the next level, which will be connected to the previous one. at long last i'm curious about what's beyond the hill. i don't know how exactly, but i'm gearing up and i feel ready. no cover ups, no more. apart from this one above here... we're coming close to a finished state to this one foot stool. and it does have a lid for cover... ☻ 

i suppose that about covers it for me, this time around. uncover possibilities, having fun and creating a personal great leap forward. let's. and come see ariane~rose's DC this weekend. 


  1. Oh that's brilliant dear girl! I'm with you. Long I've thought and procrastinated about taking the art to the max. Time to write my business plan as well. Time to start creating the world I really want to live in. I do have a few good ideas and some solid research, maybe they might help you, maybe not, but I'm always happy to share. Big hugs. X

    1. let's write the plan together, help one another. i don't mind sending you mine, when it's done (gives me a sort of deadline, because i give you my word). in the meantime i'll send you the link where you can download a canvas that is so, so helpful separately! x n♥

  2. you made me smile with all your takes on cover
    you even read books from cover to cover as you commute
    loved seeing your sketches and a glimpse of the house
    wishing you a grand time as you come to see what is beyond the next hill

    1. ha! tammie!! the cover-to-cover reading!! thxs!! ;)))

  3. Fascinating, wonderful text and images!! It is always exciting to see your posts:) xo Leena

  4. Dearest Nadeschda,
    ja, poor Marie Antoinette, didn't found shelter, no cover (ever have Sofia Coppola's in my mind and inner ear, sweet Kirsten Dunst, the Soundtrack). I don't know, how the weather was at that 16.10. back in 1793... but I can imagine it was similar to now. And again (and again! I hardly stick abysmal stupidity of humans out) people run for their life.

    Your cover of Nigella damascena (Jungfer im Grünen in German) is sweet! A hipphipphurra for the stations! And so I am coming to your, YOUR!, houses, your central stage (I have read 'central station', first):

    ja, go for it! I love your houses! and you are so talented in so many skills! It couldn't be coincidence!
    I can feel that '{gulp}', too... but one have to be brave for life, no? You are brave, Lady! A great leap forward!
    (I am here, in the blogosphere, holding your hand... and at the latest next year IRL)
    Thank you very much for playing, not only, sharing your great plans in this drawing challenge.

    xoxx Ariane. Rose

  5. i LOVE that footstool. i LOVE your many surprises. i LOVE your many drawings. advancing apace ma fille! rock and roll!

  6. ah, chaos, there is a lot to say about chaos. I'll try not to this week.

  7. Good luck Nadine! Having a plan is being half way through there, and this sounds like a good plan to me.
    (Yes, we're lucky to live in a privileged part of the world - we ought never to forget it).
    Happy Monday!

  8. Always a pleasure to read your posts: surprising, unexpected and un-covered:) - eric

  9. It seems that you're jumping right out of the covers of a book - like bursting with energy and new ideas. Yes I would like to have that link for this business plan too, can't be wrong making a proper plan for an creative life.
    barbara bee

  10. i just read a book about a woman who rides the slow train into work everyday. it took place in england - was a moderately interesting mystery, BUT i loved the parts about the commuter train. i feel a bit sad to think of you, unable to draw, on your way into work. but perhaps you are glad to have the faster commute?

  11. Thanks for this post. I like it!

  12. So so true! I worry about all the migrants with winter coming! I honestly don't know why the world hasn't taken more action to help the European countries involved to set up accomadations and camps for these people! Especially with the children It is so strange, but our news hardly covers the situation, but yet seems to find importance in Donald Trump and what he has to say. So ridiculous!

  13. I'm on my way now to discover the covers of last week-end. Finally. Im still on slowmo' obviously! So fascinated to read about your plans. And so jealous! At least you have some!! Don't worry or {gulp} too much, but (please!) trust in your skills and will and energy! It's so good to have a plan, a direction to follow, a path to walk on...(believe me, I know what I'm talking about, if there's none of that)! And what a clever idea to define your blog as a means of control, which it surely is like diaries or sketchbooks, that can always be taken to go back in time, to see what you wanted, how you developed (or not) and if you're still on the run. I really love to read about this energy that's pushing you Forward, go ahead! I Keep all my fingers crossed for your success, but also, what's much more important for me personally, for your happiness and satisfaction in what you're doing.