order, please!

i talked about drawing houses. in the run-up to next spring's town exhibition, i will be drawing local public houses, some of them standing today, some of them gone. i am also planning on one bigger piece, pulling all that i want to show together. 

last weekend i slipped in a penciled drawing of a love-in-a-mist flower head, to get me going a bit on block printing. {i want to draw from natural patterns from my garden, focusing on blown up flower designs, as a side kick to drawing houses.} 

i got to work on a first print. it showed up reasonably satisfying, while i took note of its flaws. next it took me a little reckless cutting to mess up my block. i squirmed and got panicky. too late, starting over was my only option.  

i set off again, adjusting my cutting along the way, marking out properly the positive and negative spaces in cutting/printing and tightly keeping a mind's eye on the desired result. in short, i ran out of carving blocks.

except for inktober, all was quiet on the drawing front. i did fill my creative pond by picking up an ordered vegan cookbook from the post office. no! i'm no vegan. some vegan staple food recipes are just so fascinating though. no-egg-mayo? cool!

i guess what i also want to say is that by staying conscious about what i do when i do it, days run gentle and drags stay at bay. i'm trying my luck at being the kiddo anticipating a surprise, preferring patience to a nerve wrecking tantrum.  

from frantic, impulsive ways to an unassuming yet organized gusto is my aim. i want to hang into relating and equating and making proper choices. prepare in the head and speed up when the moment to perform arises.  

so. order in the kitchen, order in the studio, order in da head. the method sounds crazily tough, but it is working out for me. for now. wishing you all a good week ahead and fun on the way. more lino printing experiments coming up. see ya'll next week! 


  1. Uuugh....order...has never been my best friend, I think! Understand so well (again!) that certain wish to turn chaos into structure, inside and outside, which often goes together. I often felt that relation between my outer and inner clutter and I always felt good during periods of cleaning up, centering and focussing. So: awareness is the first step to improvement, a Quote that still has to be proved in my case, haha! I'm so looking Forward to your upcoming linocut experiments and I LOVE the birdcage!

  2. order... good idea. not my best friend either.
    I wish you a good week as well!

  3. have you thought about joning instagram for your house drawing project? there are lots of artists who share beautiful works and connect through IG!

  4. I would love to do my bathroom in that flower print. However, I don't have much patience!

  5. I need order too though I'm not compulsive. I haven't started my artwork yet-- I think I'm chicken--what if it turns out horrible? I love all your designs esp. that big one. Cool!:>)

  6. WOW! I can't even attempt woodcutting, well I could but it does get tricky. The whole positive and negative space. Takes so much concentration.

  7. Wow is right!! (And I bet once you taste all of the great vegan foods and wines, you'll join our club!)