a little stream drives a light mill

i have been offered a tiny, yet exciting exhibition, in a local and in-full-restoration flour mill. there's a theme running through both exhibition weekends that i'll gently incorporate in my intended work.

playing around with wordle-the-likes, for brainstorming reasons
that is the general gist. i'm hesitant at mentioning too much, because my intentions, at times, change overnight. sources of inspiration are the hoefnagels and maria sybilla merian

big names whose endeavours offer me inspiration and begin to have impact on my own work. i cannot but mention them, and tell you how much i love their illustrations. completely in awe. 

playing around with wordle-the-likes, for brainstorming reasons
flour mill means bread and baking, and right up my street. i heartily munch on its historic importance. so far the speculoos with primaeval flour a.o. ingredients, tasted divine. 

saturday mornings at the academy
having till june to prepare, updates will pop up here. incorporating a mill theme in this new work, the topic will later reappear, in an at home event in early winter 2018. feeling chiselled for action and ready ☺.  

there then. winter has a meaning at last. now have yourselves a beautiful little weekend. ♥

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  1. Wohoo! Dearest Nadine,
    congrats! Sounds super - Exhibition and that location! Hofnagel and Merian (!)
    Make me wonder about the date for our gathering...
    Looove your brainstorming here!

    Big hugs,