how many lives does one need?

pushing scraps of paper around and trying for some sense
it's coming and going, this life and all of its contents. i found myself on cross roads last week, but monday brings new industry, i guess. 

bullet journal page, unfinished
i find virtual reality overwhelming at the best of times, so i wonder, you know, where we're heading, but i'm guessing also that is rather a rhethorical question. 

pushing paint around
i found my calm in painting today. rather i pushed paint around, muddling grey and white and ochre, which threw me onto gold, almost. with a bit of imagination. aimless painting is therapy.  

bullet journal february weather page, look at that sun a-shining!
i've been wondering if i should have taken up languages in university, way back, and if i should have further mastered in psychology and filosophy. or tried, he.

bullet journal page, unfinished
which simply brings me back, once more, to you, guys, popping in and out, sharing frustration and exaltation. when i walk the streets, and people literally walk into me, insult me... 

pushing paint around
i look upon this personal community of which, you reader, are an important part, i am so glad and happy to have found you and let's just stay the way we are. i'm happy with just the one glad person. ☺

my weekend post didn't happen! so here i am, monday late afternoon, studio hours well spent. have a beautiful week ♥

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  1. I love how you push things, dear Nadine! Loooove how you push pigments of colour and paper, materials or thoughts, in a huge mosaic of yours, I love love love it!
    Ja, and I am happy that you are here. Still here, ever growing.

    Love, Ariane. Rose